Butterball® Farms History and Butter

Sustained butter innovation.

Butterball Farms began as Butterball Turkey and developed a great reputation as a company. That’s why founder Leo Peters made sure to retain the rights to the Butterball name when he sold the turkey patents.

The obvious new venture for a company called Butterball was to create butter. But not just any butter. Premium butter. Specialty butter. Quality butter. All USDA-approved Grade AA butter.

Butterball has long been known for its butter balls, butter roses, and custom logo butter, but has taken a special interest in creating specialized, exclusive, flavored butter. The food-service industry, independent chefs, and even home-cooking enthusiasts come to Butterball to develop flavor profiles exclusive to them.

Our Flavor Research Team has worked on hundreds of butter recipes, and is always open to working with customers to create their desired gourmet butter products. He is truly a master of butter innovation.

When you need customized butter, flavored butter, or even one of Butterball’s already existing flavor profiles, we encourage you to contact us. We want to make your desired flavor a reality.