What’s New On The Sandwich Scene? Creekside Creamery™ Compound Butters!

QuikTips.BB.FinalBurger ButtersWhat could be more fun than playing in the Butterball® Farms’ kitchen with our new Creekside Creamery™ compound butters? We experimented in the Butter Lab today, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Our theme was “What’s New on the Sandwich Scene?,” and our goal was to come up with fresh ideas for pairing the compound butters with different proteins and breads.  The sandwiches we created were amazing, and we’d love to share our application ideas with you!

We decided on three types of protein:  Ground Beef, Ground Turkey, and Veggie patties, and three variations of bread:  white burger buns, pretzel buns, and Brioche buns. Then, we experimented with Creekside Creamery™ compound butters:  Horseradish & Blue Burger Butters™, Bacon Pepper Jack Burger Butter™, and Bombay Curry Butter in a 1/9 Pan Liner. And voila! Our food scientist, Alex, created three delicious sandwiches that were simple to put together and would serve as great additions to the menu at any restaurant! Today’s pairings included:

  • Horseradish & Blue Beef Burger on a classic, toasted white bun, with lettuce, tomato, onion, and crumbled Blue Cheese. Topped with a Creekside Creamery™ Horseradish and Blue Burger Butters™ dollop.
  • Bacon Pepper Jack Turkey Burger on a toasted pretzel bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, strips of crisp bacon, and featuring a delectable Burger Butters™ Bacon Pepper Jack dollop from Creekside Creamery™.
  • Bombay Curry Veggie Burger on a toasted Brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, cucumber lime Pico de Gallo, flavored with Creekside Creamery™ Bombay Curry Butter.  Sweet and Spicy, and oh so good!

Give these new butters a try! Your customers’ taste buds will thank you! If you’re interested in learning more about our Creekside Creamery™ compound butters, please call us at 888.8BUTTER, or email us at Info@ButterballFarms.com.

Burgers, Butter, and Buns!

All-In-One ChefChef Mark, aka The All-In-One Chef, has been cooking and catering for over nine years in the West Michigan area. His expertise in the kitchen has been enjoyed in the intimate dining setting as well as in the corporate food service environment. Mark’s specialties include smoked meats, grilling, one-pot meals, savory soups, and imaginative vegetable dishes.

We invite you to enjoy his latest grilling creation, using Creekside Creamery™ Bacon Pepper Jack Burger Butters™. Find his recipe here!

“I was given an opportunity to try this new butter from Creekside Creamery called Burger Butters.  Do not let the name fool you….these butters would work on so much more than just a burger.  (I’ll get to that later….like another blog post going over all the ways one flavored butter can be used.)  The butters come in two flavors, Horseradish Blue Cheese and Bacon Pepper Jack.  Can you guess which one I tried?  Yes….I tried the Bacon Pepper Jack.  And??????  It was INCREDIBLE!  A wonderful creamy and a bit of a spicy kick to elevate my burgers.  One bite and I was Hooked!  The  flavor is extremely balanced.  Good bacon notes with the perfect amount of heat.”

The Perfect Start to Father’s Day

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. And with Father’s Day coming up  on Sunday, June 18, we are thinking of the tasty treats that we can create that really cater to the men. It’s not all stereotypical grilled cheese and steak though: we’ve determined that the ultimate pleasure really is…bread and butter!

First up though: why do we celebrate Father’s Day? Well, it is a day for people to show their appreciation for the father figure in their lives: whether is be stepfathers, fathers-in-law, guardians,  foster parents, and family friends. There’s many different theories as to where the day originated from – with evidence showing marks of the celebration as far back as 4,000 years! But it’s commonly believed that the modern version of Father’s Day, alongside the traditions that we know of today here in the U.S., stemmed from Ms Senora Louise Dodd, back in 1909. Mother’s Day had been long established, and as Senora and her five siblings were raised by her father, she wanted to honor fathers in the same way. And so the story goes…

But that is enough history for today: now onto the fun stuff – FOOD!


Photo courtesy of BakingForFriends.com

There is no greater pleasure than bread and butter! And this is backed up by baker Alie Romano. When we asked Alie to think of the perfect Father’s Day treat, she tells us that ”I couldn’t think of a better way to spoil my Dad this Father’s Day but to make homemade bread for him and slather it in brown butter topped with fresh fruit, cheese, herbs, and yes, more brown butter!” There is an extra special summer-style celebratory twist on these brown butter crostini with the rich, nutty flavor of butter, the sweetness of fresh fruit and the earthy hint of herbs. You can find out how to create these brown butter crostini for yourself here .

Crostini are typically topped with meats, cheese or vegetables, however by adding fruit, we’re giving this recipe a summer spin. The best part is the brown butter! Starting with Stirling Creamery Whey Butter, add it to heat and swirl until it begins to change colour. Top tip: Use a light colored pan for this part, so you can see the subtle changes to the butter, and ensure it’s not burnt or overdone. Take it off the heat and let it cool, before slathering all over your breads. The rich nutty flavor of the brown butter will create a fantastic base on your crostini, and  amplify your other ingredients for a special touch.

If you are catering a Father’s Day celebration,we guarantee these will go down a storm! Share your celebrations by getting in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, or tag your photographs using #BestButter. Happy Father’s Day!

One Recipe, Three Flavors

You can of course create whatever flavor combinations you like, but Baking For Friends has chosen chocolate marble, raspberry and lemon for the perfect balance of sweet and tart to keep everybody happy. Because these are taster treats, they’re a little bit smaller than regular cupcakes, which means you can make lots too – giving everybody a chance to try each one, and decide on their favorite flavor. It’s hard to choose though: here at Butterball Farms, we’re constantly battling over which ones better! Always an excuse just to try one more…

One batter cupcake, 3 Flavours.

*Pro Tip: When making this recipe, do not over mix your batter. The more you mix, the denser it becomes and we need to ensure we’ve enough to go around. This will also keep your cupcakes nice and light and fluffy! Win/Win.

Prep Time: 15 minutes.

Total Time: 15 minutes.

This is definitely a recipe you should keep on hand for those last minute or large catering requirements. Try out these flavors, or come up with your own culinary combinations and be sure to share them with us across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest using #BestButter. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Impress Your Guests with Beautiful Tabletop Butters

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Are you looking to create an extraordinary dining experience for your guests? A meal that is memorable because of its elegance, quality, and attention to detail? Beautiful, embossed butters from Butterball® Farms will help you set a table to make a lasting and delicious impression on your guests.

Our tabletop butters come in many shapes and sizes, including Butterball® Butter Premium Balls®, Trademarked Roses, Medallions, Geometrics Pak®, and Inspired Creations.  We also offer custom logo capabilities in tabletop designs.  Portion-controlled and ready-to-serve, our Butterball® Butter Premium Balls®, EZ-Serve®, or POP-OUT® formats are simple to plate and store. Made with premium, Grade AA butter, we have an embossed shape to fit any décor or menu theme. We want to help you create a perfect dining experience for your patrons, every time.

Some Things to Know About Setting the Table with Embossed Butters from Butterball® Farms

  • Our tabletop butters should always be stored in the freezer until you’re ready to use them
  • Embossed butters will be at the perfect temperature for serving within 15 to 20 minutes of setting them on a plate
  • Our Premium Butter Balls® are perfect for serving in ramekins
  • Our shapes and Trademarked Roses look like table art on a plate
  • Get creative with your garnishes! Tabletop butters look and taste great topped with parsley, grape leaves, peppercorns, dill, and basil.  Experiment with herbs and spices to add extra color and kick to the well-dressed table.
  • Sprinkle sea salt on unsalted butter for a textured look that tastes great! Pink Himalayan Salts look beautiful with plated tabletop butters!

Butterball® Farms embossed butters are a great choice for any venue and every occasion!


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.06.21 AMWhat better way to kick off the unofficial start of summer than with a delicious, juicy burger, dressed with Burger Butters™ from Creekside Creamery™?  Developed especially for foodservice, our Burger Butters™ feature fantastic flavor infusions that please the palate. If you are looking for the perfect condiment for an outstanding burger, you really must try these butters!  Your patrons will love the natural goodness of butter and relish the delightful flavor in every bite.  These delicious dollops are so tasty that they make it easy for you to create premium burgers that will bring customers coming back for more.

They’re simple to use. At the end of the grilling cycle, just top the patty with a dollop and watch it melt into buttery bliss!

Our signature flavors are on trend and created to bring out the best in your burgers.  We’re featuring Horseradish and Blue Butter, and Bacon Pepper Jack Butter.  Think of that delicious smell that wafts from a great steakhouse and then imagine the marriage of a perfect burger with these savory, flavored butter dollops from Creekside Creamery.  These wonderful butters allow you to create signature sandwiches and other dishes that are certain to delight your guests.

Of course, Burger Butters™ aren’t just for burgers!  They’re versatile—consider pairing them with baked potatoes, cornbread, baguettes, sandwiches and steaks!

As the summer season rolls on, we hope you’ll try these delicious butters!  You’ll be glad you did, and your customers will thank you.

Rich and Spicy Butter Sauce

We love butter sauce! It’s such a staple of our culinary repertoire that we’ve created our Quik Creations recipe selection. We’ve also created a simple yet delicious recipe for you to drizzle over everything from fresh lobster or scallops to the fish of the day. In fact, this spicy butter drizzle works perfectly with everything from fresh pasta to grilled corn — you’ll want to make it for a whole host of your summer faves. Five ingredients in five minutes – here’s how simple it is! What you’ll need:


125 ml Churn 84 Salted Butter

Cayenne Pepper

Chili Flakes

1 tbsp Hot Sauce

Shredded Parsley

Gently melt the butter in a pan, and add cayenne pepper and chili flakes to taste. We went with three small pinches of each for the perfect balance, however if you like things a little hotter, you can of course add a little more. Last of all, add in one tablespoon of hot sauce and stir gently. The spice of the pepper, chili and hot sauce cuts though the rich and creamy flavor of the Churn 84 European Style butter to create a simple, dream dressing, made in under five minutes!

We’re not joking when we say that you’ll want to try this on everything – top off your dish with some shredded parsley for a pop of freshness and transform your seafood, pasta or vegetables in seconds.

How often do you use butter sauces in your recipes? Try out this recipe, and take a look at our Quik-Creations™ Butter Sauce which can be used as a base for soups, sauces, vegetable and entrees. The best thing about it is that you can add wine, milk, water and other ingredients to Quik-Creations™ Butter Sauce & experiment to find your favorite flavor profile. From Beurre Blanc, Hollandaise, Crème Anglaise and Alfredo Sauces – the opportunities are endless! Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest!

Crepe Cake: Mother’s Day Made Easy

May 8th is International Mother’s Day, designed to honor all the wonderful women in our lives who gave us life and love. We adore French crepes, and there’s something about them that reflect the class and delicacy that makes us think of our mom’s… so what would be more fitting than lemon crepes to mark the day dedicated to them. We know: transforming them into a cake! Because it’s not a celebration without cake, right?!…

Baker Alie Romano grew up making French crepes with her mother, so it’s fitting that she created this fantastic recipe using a lemon, whipping cream and ricotta filling, topped off with berries and a drizzle of maple syrup. Here’s a step by step look at the process:

emon crepe cake_mothersday

Photo courtesy of BakingForFriends.com

The end result is fit for a queen! Find the full recipe here on BakingForFriends.com and show some love this weekend. Share your Mother’s Day creations with us using #BetterWithButter on Facebook or Twitter.

Sugar Cookies: Catering for Kids

We featured a delicious sugar cookies recipe before, but now it’s making a Spring time comeback – this time with added colour! Butter really is the star of the show with these cookies, and maybe that’s why we love ’em so much. The rich, creamy nature of Churn 84 European Style butter brings out the luxurious flavor and texture that you just cannot find in a standard cookie. Top it off with some brightly colored frosting, and it becomes a kitchen staple.

Sugar cookies

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Anadov

Kids love this one, so it’s the perfect recipe to create to cater for christenings, birthdays or family events. Follow this recipe along with our blogging baker over at TheLastCourse.ca. We’re dying to see how they turn out.

Do you have any other recipes you like to create with the family? Let us know, and we’ll feature it with tips and tricks for better baking on the blog! #BetterWithButter on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Wake up to Spring with Blackberries

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter all offer their own unique fruits and vegetables for seasonal flavour, and this month it is time for the blackberry to shine! Fresh blackberries offer an amazing mix of both sweet and sour, but when they’re baked, the sourness is mellowed and you’re left with a perfect pop of sweetness. You can also throw in a touch of lemon for an additional pop of colour and freshness!


Photo courtesy of TheLastCourse.ca

Standard coffee cakes, while rich and satisfying during Fall and Winter, can tend to be on the dull side at this time of year, but berries and lemon lift it to a refreshing, seasonal indulgence. The recipe, developed by TheLastCourse, also uses vanilla bean paste rather than extract to elevate these flavours, and add cute little black specs throughout the cake. We love these fun little touches!

Blackberry coffee cake

Photo courtesy of TheLastCourse

How do you like your Coffee Cake? Try this one out, and let us know what you think by sharing your stories and photos using #BetterButter on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.