Traditional Elegance or Culinary Butter Innovation? We Have You Covered!

Though it may seem like a minor detail, the butter you offer your guests makes a difference in the tone of their overall dining experience. Butterball® Farms is here to help you expand and enhance your menu, whether it's with one of our beautiful, embossed, tabletop butters (several of which are trademarked), butter sauce, or something new and exclusive that we develop just for you.  We’ll use our experience and capabilities to help you with customized flavors, custom tabletop designs, and anything else that you’d like to serve your patrons.  

We’re not creating a Butterball® Farms product—we’re creating your personalized, premium butter product. 

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That's our twelve month rolling average of shipments delivered on-time and complete to your distributors. Because consistent supply of product ensures patron satisfaction and increases sales.