Versatile. Durable. Delicious.

At Butterball® Farms, Inc., we’ve created a delicious, all natural, ready-to-use butter sauce base that quickly and easily transforms ordinary ingredients into extraordinary culinary delights. Our Quik-Creations® Butter Sauce offers the busy chef superior heating, microwaving and holding attributes, which make our sauce very durable. Butterball® Farms’ Butter Sauce is stable, and it is considered to be “unbreakable!” Although it’s delectable on its own, Butterball® Farms’ Quik-Creations™ All-Natural Butter Sauce is perfect for the chef who wants to create unique flavors to accompany many foods on the menu. Just use it as a “mother sauce” and add your own spices, herbs and other flavor ingredients!  With Butterball® Farms’ Quik-Creations™ All-Natural Butter Sauce, the possibilities are endless!

Quik-Creations™ All-Natural Butter Sauce reflects the fact that eating all natural foods is the preferred option for many Americans today.  Our new butter sauce consists of all natural ingredients–there is nothing you can’t pronounce or spell on our clean label.

Our Butter Sauce is the perfect choice for:

  • pasta primavera
  • grilled lamb ribs
  • spicy shrimp and penne pasta
  • classic Fettuccine Alfredo
  • sautéed rainbow trout
  • saucy hot wings
  • butter sauce fondue

and much more.

Or use it as a base to create your own Beurre Blanc sauce to serve with seafood, poultry, vegetables and eggs.  It can also be used to concoct a Hollandaise-style sauce to flavor eggs benedict, freshly steamed asparagus or seared ahi tuna. And, of course, it’s the perfect base for Crème Anglaise sauce to serve with a chocolate pound cake, assorted fresh berries, crème brulee, over ice cream or on a chocolate soufflé.
Our Butter Sauce is so delicious that your customers will return to ask for more.  Consider the following:

  • Made with real creamery butter and simple, natural ingredients
  • Can be both refrigerated AND frozen
  • Holds up through multiple heat/chill cycles, rendering a stable sauce that doesn’t have to be thrown out within a few hours
  • Can be used in multiple applications during any day part
  • Versatile. May be mixed with wine, milk and other ingredients
  • Now comes in an attractive, branded 2 lb. poly bag and ships frozen, 8 bags in each case.

Ordering Information

Butterball® Product Number Format Shelf Life Storage PortionsPer Pound
777-800 2.0 lb. pouches/8 pouches per case, 16.0 lb. net case weight 6 months from date of manufacture/ 1 month refrigerated and unopened Frozen Varies based on what you’re making

If you would like more information on Quik-Creations™ All-Natural Butter Sauce, please call us at 888.8BUTTER!