Butterball® Butter Premium Balls®

A Great First Impression, Guaranteed.

Butterball® Butter Premium Balls® wow your guests by adding elegance to the tabletop. They are the only USDA Grade AA butter balls in the industry, and they have a smooth, creamy texture and a pleasing buttery taste. They are available in salted and unsalted versions. The resealable, gusseted three-pound bag with zipper-style closure is easy to store and pour. They are portion-controlled and ready-to-serve.

A beautiful butter choice, perfect for spreading on warm bread or muffins, in a hot baked potato, on freshly steamed vegetables, and more! They display beautifully in a ramekin or dish. Butterball® Butter Premium Balls® help demonstrate your exquisite attention to detail and create a beautiful first impression, designed to generate repeat business.

We look forward to helping you make a lasting and delicious impression on your guests, Because Butter Should Be Beautiful!

Order through your favorite foodservice distributor.

Ordering Information

Butterball® Product Number Case Format Type Portion Size PortionsPer Pound PortionsPer Case
166 Premium Balls®(6 x 3 lb. bag) Salted 0.25 oz. 64 1152
166-167 Premium Balls®(6 x 3 lb. bag) Unsalted 0.25 oz. 64 1152
136-654 Premium Balls®(3 x 3 lb. bag) Salted 0.25 oz. 64 576
136-655 Premium Balls®(3 x 3 lb. bag) Unsalted 0.25 oz. 64 576