Custom Logos

If you’re looking for an opportunity to reinforce your brand image with your patrons, Butterball® Farms has a beautiful solution for you. We have the capabilities to design custom logo butter pats made exclusively for you. With over 50 years of experience, we’ve built an impressive list of satisfied customers who rely on us to produce their logo/design butter time after time.

Custom logo butter pats are made of premium butter and have a smooth, creamy texture and a pleasing buttery taste. They are available in salted and unsalted versions, in various sizes and portioned as you desire, either in single servings or sizes large enough to share. Portion-controlled and ready-to-serve, custom logos are packed in the EZ-Serve® format, which is simple to plate and store.

When you serve your customers butter with your unique logo, you convey an impressive, upscale image that demonstrates your attention to detail and pride in your brand. Custom logos are guaranteed to impress! Contact Butterball® Farms by telephone at 888.8BUTTER or e-mail at to learn more about how we can create a custom logo for you!