Geometrics Pak

Good taste comes in all shapes and sizes, and our GeoMetrics Pak® is the ultimate in beautiful, clean designs that add sophistication to your table setting. Made of premium, butter, the GeoMetrics Pak® features interesting shapes of triangle/square, triangle/circle, square/square/circle and geo flag. Our modern, linear designs will delight your guests with their elegant simplicity. The GeoMetrics Pak® is available in salted and unsalted versions. GeoMetrics Pak® designs are not sold separately.

They are packaged in our EZ-Serve® format, which is designed for high-volume operations. Perfect butter shapes are placed into individual compartments, separating each one to eliminate breakage. They’re easy to serve from the freezer to the table. Simply slip a knife under each pat to lift it from the tray to the serving dish!

Order through your favorite foodservice distributor.


Ordering Information

Butterball® Product Number Format Type Portion Size PortionsPer Pound PortionsPer Case
421 GeoMetrics Pak® (EZ-Serve®) (includes four unique trademarked GeoMetrics Pak® shapes) Salted 0.66 oz. 50 600
421-100 GeoMetrics Pak® (EZ-Serve®) (includes four unique trademarked GeoMetrics Pak® shapes) Unsalted 0.66 oz. 50 600