Trademarked Roses and Rosettes

4 Roses: Rosette, Pop-out Rose, Rose, Pop-out Budding Rose

Butterball® Farms trademarked butter Roses are the perfect choice if you’re looking to create a memorable dining experience for your patrons. Our beautiful Roses add elegance to your well-dressed table. We are passionate about our role in producing artisan quality, tabletop butters, Because Butter Should Be Beautiful. Beautiful butter means satisfied guests and repeat business, which is a beautiful thing.

Portion-controlled and ready-to-serve, in EZ-Serve® or POP-OUT® formats, they’re simple to plate and store. Whether you choose Roses, Rosettes or our Budding Rose, each is available in a size and format to suit your dining needs.

Our POP-OUT® format makes serving beautiful butter simple and elegant. Packaged in an economical, 70 count (.23 oz. each) sheet, these Roses go straight from the freezer to the table. All you need to do is POP-OUT® and serve!

Our EZ-Serve® format is designed for high-volume operations. Perfect butter Roses are placed into an individual compartment which separates each Rose and eliminates breakage. They’re easy to serve from the freezer to the table.  Simply slip a knife under each Rose to lift it from the tray to the serving dish!
Order through your favorite foodservice distributor.

Ordering Information

Butterball® Product Number Format Type Portion Size PortionsPer Pound PortionsPer Case
005-177 Rose (EZ-Serve®) Salted 0.63 oz. 25 252
005-214 Rose (EZ-Serve®) Unsalted 0.63 oz. 25 252
005-162 Rose (EZ-Serve®) Salted 1.0 oz. 16 165
005-163 Rose (EZ-Serve®) Unsalted 1.0 oz. 16 165
005-164 Rose (EZ-Serve®) Salted 2.0 oz. 8 80
005-165 Rose (EZ-Serve®) Unsalted 2.0 oz. 8 80
005-294 Budding Rose (POP-OUT®) Salted 0.23 oz. 70 600
005-291 Budding Rose (POP-OUT®) Unsalted 0.23 oz. 70 600
005-250 Rose Only (POP-OUT®) Salted 0.23 oz. 70 520
005-251 Rose Only (POP-OUT®) Unsalted 0.23 oz. 70 520
005-500 Rose Only (EZ-Serve®) Salted 0.50 oz. 32 252
005-400 Rose Only (EZ-Serve®) Unsalted 0.50 oz. 32 252
005 Rose/Rosette (EZ-Serve®) Salted 0.23 oz. 70 600
005-059 Rose/Rosette (EZ-Serve®) Unsalted 0.23 oz. 70 600
081-086 Rosette Only (EZ-Serve®) Unsalted 0.23 oz. 70 600