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August 2016


We are pleased to introduce three innovative, compound butter formats—Burger Butters™, Grilling Butters™ and 1/9 Pan Liner Butters, created especially for foodservice, in our Creekside Creamery™ brand. Originally founded in Ohio in 2005, Creekside Creamery™ is a pioneer in the development of compound (flavored) butters, and became part of the Butterball® Farms family in 2015.

It’s no secret that we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality butters that truly add value to our customers’ businesses.  And the Creekside Creamery™ butters do just that.  We are offering eight flavors—both sweet and savory—in three formats, each developed to be the perfect finishing butter to a great meal or signature dish.

We start with fresh creamery butter, with an 83% Butterfat  (B.F.) content, which is more typical of a fine quality European butter.  (Most American butters are around 80% B.F. content.) The result is a butter that is lower in moisture, with a rich dairy flavor and a luxurious mouth feel.  Then, we add on-trend flavors to create compound butters that are appreciated by today’s food-involved consumers.


The perfect condiment for an outstanding burger.  That’s Burger Butters™.  Consumers love the natural goodness of butter and relish the delightful flavor in every bite.  These 0.4 oz. dollops are delicious, and they make it easy to create premium burgers with flavor profiles that will WOW your guests. Of course, they’re not just for burgers.  They’re versatile, and pair well with potatoes, cornbread, baguettes, sandwiches, and steaks.  Pack size:  approximately 200 per 5 lb. box.

Burger Butters™ are available in Horseradish and Blue Butter dollops, and Bacon Pepper Jack Butter dollops.


Classically created, aromatic Chef’s Rolls are a buttery marriage of sophisticated flavors and convenience.  They bring out the best in beef, poultry and fish.  They are perfect culinary butters for protein-based dishes, but they may also be sliced and used in ramekins and serving dishes to add savory flavors to a variety of meals.  Pack size:  6 x 400g Chef’s Rolls per case.

Grilling Butters™ are offered in Lemon Dill Butter Rolls, and Herbes de Provence Butter Rolls.


Try our new, Creekside Creamery™ Compound Butters today!  Your patrons will love them, and so will you!

If you would like more information, please call us at 888.8BUTTER!

April, 2016


At Butterball® Farms, Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products that truly add value to our customers’ businesses. In keeping with that, we are delighted to introduce our new Quik-Creations™ All-Natural Butter Sauce. It reflects the fact that eating all natural foods is the preferred option for many Americans today.  Our new butter sauce consists of all natural ingredients—there is nothing you can’t pronounce or spell on our clean label!  We’ve taken our butter know-how and developed an All-Natural Butter Sauce that is unbeatable in flavor, versatility and simplicity.

When your customers taste it, they won’t be disappointed, because Quik-Creations™ All-Natural Butter Sauce maintains all of the attributes of our former butter sauce.  It is still as delicious, versatile, and durable as before, without the addition of highly processed ingredients.


Quik-Creations™ All-Natural Butter Sauce:

  • Made with real, creamery butter and simple, clean ingredients
  • Ready-To-Use
  • Offers a neutral flavor profile that readily accepts flavor components for on-site customization
  • Stores frozen and slacks quickly
  • Is unbreakable and holds up through multiple heat/chill cycles, reducing product waste
  • Can be used in multiple applications during any day part
  • Now comes in an attractive full color 2 lb. poly pouch, packed 8 per case


If you would like more information, please call us at 888.8BUTTER!


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