What to Look for in Custom Food Solutions for Meal Kit Production

The meal kit market is becoming more and more competitive. In turn, it’s also becoming harder and harder for individual meal kit brands to stand out in a sea of services that offer delivery, convenience, and variety. It’s also becoming harder for meal kit manufacturers to do everything in-house due to labor shortages or manufacturing […]

Custom Flavors vs. Pre-Made Seasonings for Food Manufacturers

It’s no secret that Butterball® Farms is the top creator of custom flavors for restaurants and food manufacturers. With customers ranging from food manufacturing giants to airlines and even major restaurants, we have the track record to prove it. There’s a reason these food service giants love working with us for their products—because our custom […]

Compound Butter for Steak: Elevate Meal Kits


Steak: It’s what happens when you want to take what’s for dinner and elevate it even more. But, what if you could take that decadence even further in your meal kits? The best way to do that is with compound butter. Including compound butter for steaks, salmon, and other premium products in your meal kits […]

The Food Industry & Sustainable Palm Oil: Uses & Benefits

Palm Oil Field

What Is Palm Oil? Palm oil is a vegetable oil derived from the fruit of oil palm trees, primarily grown in Asia. Several of the products that we consume today contain palm oil. It’s important to ensure that the manufacturers of your favorite palm-oil products are committed to sustainability and environmental conservation. At Butterball® Farms, […]

Using Custom Premade Marinades in Commercial Kitchens

Marinades can make or break a meal—a complex marinade works to both tenderize proteins and impart bold flavors that customers will return to order again and again. Butterball® Farms offers a multitude of marinades made with premium, fresh ingredients, helping commercial kitchen chefs create memorable cuisine more quickly and efficiently. Our custom marinades are used […]

Add a Custom Garlic Herb Butter Blend to Your Menu

large garlic bread

Creating delicious, premium butter is what we’re all about at Butterball® Farms. We specialize in high-quality, craveworthy butter products, like savory garlic herb butter, that add flavorful flair to all kinds of dishes. Whether you’re whipping up a buffet for a big event, prepping in the kitchen for the busy evening rush, or assembling meal […]

Garlic Compound Butter: A Game-Changer for Your Business

Garlic compound butter is spreadable, versatile, and packed with rich, savory flavor. Butterball® Farms offers flavor-packed, pre-mixed garlic compound butter for manufacturers, restaurants, meal kit companies, retailers, and more. Learn about the many ways our perfectly balanced compound butter can bring creamy, buttery, unforgettable flavor to your food. What Is Compound Butter? Compound butter is […]

Best Restaurant Uses for Finishing Butter

large burger finishing butter

Finishing butter has the power to transform a restaurant’s menu items. The rich, savory taste added to meat dishes, vegetables, and baked goods enhances nearly any recipe. Also called compound butter, finishing butter is created by quickly whisking butter, then coating the butter onto the food with a basting tool or spoon. Restaurants and other […]

How Custom Sauces Can Improve Food Preparation

Quik-Creations Butter Sauce - Sauteed Salmon & Potatoes with basil

At Butterball® Farms, we love nothing more than creating delectable products that bring out the best in our customers’ creations. One of our favorite ways to do this is through our custom sauces. Why Create a Custom Sauce? Are you looking for a creamy butter sauce that you can drizzle over seafood or a gourmet […]

Flavored Whipped Margarine from Butterball®


Are you looking for a premium butter alternative that will meet the needs of your health-conscious customers? How about a time-saving ingredient for back-of-house restaurant cooking or bread service?  We combine a margarine base with flavorful oils, then whip it up to create a light and fluffy choice for your clients. Just like our butter, […]