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Founder’s Day 2016


July 19 marks 21 years since our company’s founder, Leo Peters, passed away. Mr. Peters was an inventor and innovator, and he showed that persistence and hard work was the key to success. Since his passing, we honor him as well as the entire Butterball Farms family of employees for their dedication, hard work, and continued diligent pursuit of excellence.

Since the early 70’s, our tagline has been “Because Butter Should Be Beautiful,” and we can proudly say that we have made more beautiful butter than anyone on earth. When Leo started the company, what he did was innovative, new, and imaginative. Last year, we changed our tagline to: “Imagine Butter Differently.” Our new tagline continually reminds us to try new and different things. At Butterball Farms, we pride ourselves with having an incredible ability to make designs anyway our customers can imagine them. 

Founder’s Day is not only a day to say thank you and to honor those who have made long and substantial investments of time and energy to our company. It is also a day to look back and reflect on what has been accomplished and changed and to look forward together and dream of a great future. We keep dreaming and imagining what we can do different, unique, and interesting… In the past 21 years, many of the dreams for our business have come true. We have built a great culture, we are an exceptional supplier, and we are a community thought leader. We are enriching lives daily. We are making beautiful butter, and we are imagining and dreaming. We have more opportunities than ever to continue to build this company, our brands, our influence, and our people!

Happy Founder’s Day to the Butterball Farms Family!

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