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A Quick Guide for Perfect Flavor Pairings

Dollops help menu developers impart their desired flavor easily. With more than a half-century of innovation, Butterball® Farms is a market leader in customized flavor solutions. From flavored butter dollops to flavored sauces, mayo’s, marinades, and more there is no custom flavor solution challenge Butterball Farms can’t tackle.  Butterball Farms will work with you to […]

A Quick Guide for Perfect Pairings for the Holidays

Premium wines are closely associated with both the holidays and great crusty breads or warm rolls for early table service or with the meal. You can take that experience to the next level by serving those breads or rolls with either a shaped butter or a compound butter that adds flavor and flair. Butterball Farms […]

Here’s A New Option for Adding Your Logo to Shaped Butter!

You and your team work hard every day to build a memorable and treasured experience for your diners. It’s part of your club or resort’s brand that sets you apart from your competitors. Your brand logo is the foundation of your brand identity that fosters brand loyalty. A new offering from Butterball® Farms gives you […]

Value-Added Seafood Is Key For Seafood Manufacturers. Here’s The Easy Way.


Flavored medallions or dollops are an easy way to add value by seafood providers. As a seafood provider, staying atop the trends is a must. The most significant trend is in value-added offerings to consumers. The impact of inflation on seafood consumption has manufacturers looking for solutions that can rebound the trend and help with […]

One Easy Way to Elevate Dining for Residents


Offering a memorable dining experience can set your operation apart from the rest in senior dining. One easy way to do so is by switching from your ordinary pats of butter to Butterball® Butter Premium Balls®.

It’s Our Favorite Question.


It’s the company’s best conversation starter. “So, I thought you folks were Butterball Turkey?” Not for more than 60 years, but yes, our legendary brand started with a genius who wanted to hold on to the name. It’s a great story that we are happy to share.

How to Serve Butter Pats that Guests Will Love

Make Meal Time Better with Our Butter Pats Butter pats are a part of any well-rounded meal, adding a creamy, buttery element that makes every bite a true treat. Whether they’re at the table when guests arrive at a catered event, brought out with a warm bread plate as an appetizer, or served on top […]

Flavored Dollops. A Game Changer for Prepared Meals & Food Processors


With the ever-changing food landscape, customers are constantly looking for new and exciting flavors to try on menu items. In fact, many are willing to pay a premium for unique and flavorful dishes that they can’t find anywhere else. This is where Butterball® Farms comes in with flavored dollops, which can easily impart a delicious […]

3 Ways to Make Menu Innovation Easier


Doing more with less skilled staff in the kitchen is just one of the challenges facing menu developers. Creating menu items requiring less prep that doesn’t compromise quality and flavor is the solution. With more than a half-century of innovation, Butterball® Farms is a market leader in customized flavor solutions. From flavored butter dollops to […]

3 Reasons Why THIS Is the YEAR FOR BUTTER


Historians trace the origins of butter to 8,000 B.C. Fast forward more than 10 millennia and chefs still extol its virtues as the perfect flavor carrier. Yet this year there are some fresh developments in a classic favorite just in time to meet today’s kitchen challenges. Here are three reasons why this year is the […]