What We Make

We are famous for our beautiful, high-quality embossed butters in a broad range of designs, shapes, and sizes. We also offer custom butter to some of America’s biggest brands and we'd love to do the same for you.

Make a big impression with high-quality butter.

Who We Serve

The industries we serve are as diverse as our designs and flavor choices. Restaurants, hotels, colleges, caterers, airlines, cruise lines, and many other sectors rely on Butterball® Farms to enhance guest experiences.

Why Choose Us

Because we give every customer our very best: the best tabletop products, the best flavors, and the best service we possibly can. We work in partnership with you to develop the perfect solution, with the goals of cost efficiencies, robust flavor, and excellent quality at top of mind.

Where to Buy

Our wide assortment of embossed tabletop butters and flavored compounds can be purchased from a Butterball® Farms distributor in your area. Or reach out to us directly to create a custom butter together.