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Cookies with a Chocolate Crunch

M&M Cookies

Hands up who loves M&Ms?! An excellent addition to any recipe, M&Ms not only add a colorful kick, but a chocolate-y punch with a satisfying crunch.What better way to brighten up  a dull winter day than warm, soft cookies! These chewy treats are an excellent snack for a child’s birthday party, a baby shower or just for nibbling on at a group get together. It’s perfectly acceptable to keep  a batch all to yourself for testing purposes too, there’s no judgement here…

M&M cookiesM&M cookies

Even just looking at these cookies puts us in a cheerful mood. Fun to bake, this recipes takes a total 2-3 hours to prepare and cook including some resting time in the fridge/freezer – leaving us lots of time to entertain or just relax in between! It makes a great summertime recipe too – perfect for snacking on in between boat rides, swimming and chilling out at the beach. Right now, that seems like a distant dream – but take a bite of this colorful creation to add a splash of sunshine to your life! Get the full recipe here. 

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