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At Butterball Farms, we are on an endless quest for perfection. From elegant, premium embossed tabletop butters for the front of the house, to specialty butters created exclusively for your needs, we are constantly on a mission to make butter better. And our quest doesn’t end there – we love striving for the perfect recipe using our butters too.

Recently, we posted this delicious M&M cookie crunch recipe, and honestly we didn’t think cookies got any better. It’s always fun to experiment a little though, so our baker bestie over at created this extra indulgent chocolate brownie version. We will let you in on a secret: we are a little bit in love! Rich, buttery, and oh-so-chocolate-y, we cannot get enough of these brownie bites…

m&m brownie

In our world, a balanced diet is chocolate in both hands so whip these up for when you need a little bit of a boost. The full recipe is available here: try it out and share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

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