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Product Offerings

Here at Butterball® Farms Inc., all of our butter is made from fresh, high-quality sweet cream, featuring a smooth, velvety texture and a delicate, pleasing taste. We offer a variety of individual serving options ranging from simple Butterball® Butter Premium Balls® to eloquently embossed or shaped butters. Our Quik-Creations® Butter Sauce Bases quickly and easily transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinary culinary delights. Create unique flavors to accompany many foods on your menu; use it as a “mother sauce” and add your own spices, herbs, and other flavor ingredients!

Individual Butter Servings
Butter Sauces/Bases

Improve Presentation

We offer a variety of specially shaped and designed butters and can even emboss our butters with your signature logo or symbol. These unique designs are sure to wow your customers before they take their first bites.

The very best butters, from mountains to coastline.

When it comes to imagining butter differently, there’s no one better than Butterball® Farms, Inc. Butterball® Farms has products for your restaurants, country club, hotel, senior living facility or banquet venue.

Reduce Waste

Our individual butter servings are made by us and delivered to you fresh, making butter waste a thing of the past for your restaurant.

Decrease Prep Time

Our butters come in individual servings but are not individually wrapped, so your kitchen staff can spend less time portioning and more time delighting your guests.