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Talent and Development Growth at Butterball® Farms, Inc.

Butterball® Farms, Inc. is pleased to announce that we recently hired a director of Talent and Development, Michelle Mei. Michelle has both a consulting and practitioner background. She is tasked with helping carry out CEO Mark Peters vision for a larger investment in the progress of employee’s careers. Michelle will also collaborate with our growing Sales organization for the development of a world-class sales training program.

Butterball® Farms Inc. is focused on helping people thrive both in the organization and in the community. Michelle is helping carry out these efforts to develop people and to progress talent that will be sustainable over time. This involves building systems and processes that will take Butterball® Farms from great to greater in every position and improve our “speed to execution.”

Michelle has already been very involved in talent selection as we build out our Sales and Marketing organization. In this role, Michelle is using her background in research and recruitment including the use of assessments and fit factor analysis to ensure we get people with the right talent that are the best cultural fit for Butterball® Farms and can contribute to our rapid growth goals.

Another key initiative is the launch of a leadership training program beginning with our production team. We have always invested in training for managers but this year we are taking a very deliberate approach with a learning platform that will allow us to scale up people to their next level career path.

Here at Butterball® Farms Inc., our company mission is “Enrich Lives.” The development of our employees and the progression of their career paths is just one of many ways we support that mission.