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Butterball Farms Is Your Bulk Margarine Supplier

Did you know Butterball® Farms, Inc. offers customized flavored margarine as well as butter? We offer a variety of margarine choices, givingour customers flexibility in flavoring and packaging options. Our margarine products are popular with a diverse range of businesses, including retailers, restaurants, and producers of packaged foods.

What Is Margarine?

Margarine is a butter alternative typically made from vegetable oils (usually palm oil), water, and salt. Margarine has a similar appearance and flavor as butter and also has a similar amount of fat content. Margarine, however, is softer than butter, particularly in cold temperatures, and can even come in a liquid form.

Vegan Butter vs. Margarine

While some margarine products are vegan, many are made with small amounts of dairy. If you’re unsure if a margarine product is considered vegan, it’s always good to check the ingredients on the packaging. Butterball Farms offers its own line of vegan butter to our customers.

What Does Margarine Pair with?

Margarine’s soft consistency and similarity to butter make it a great choice to spread on bread, pancakes, desserts, and many other foods. Because margarine is made with more water than butter, it can lend baked foods a softer texture than butter. Many cooks like to keep both margarine and butter in their cabinet so they can choose whatever works best with what they’re making that day.

If you’re looking for tips, we love to make recommendations based on our 60 years of experience in the industry.

Delectable Margarine from Butterball

Butterball’s flexibility, collaborative nature, and dedication to quality combine to create some of the most convenient and delicious products you’ll find. And while it might not be in our name, we have just as much passion and craft for margarine as we have for butter. See for yourself by checking out our flavorful margarine products.

Flavored Margarine

At Butterball, we love to create new products that fit our clients’ unique business needs and preferences. We are constantly creating new flavors of sauces, marinades, fillings, butter — and yes —margarine.
When you reach out to us, we can start discussing what kind of products you serve, what kind of products you would like to serve, and what your customers are looking for. Once we understand your business, we can start discussing possible types of margarine that will pair great with your products.
Our staff are expert artisans designing new and unique flavors for every circumstance. We can create margarine infused with sweet flavors such as honey, or savory flavors like garlic. Your margarine can be spicy or fruity, mixed with herbs and breadcrumbs, or made special for baking or frying. Are you looking for a great margarine flavor to pair with steak? Maybe you’d like one flavor for the seafood on your menu and another for the steamed vegetables?
The sky’s the limit when it comes to our flavored products, and if we haven’t made it before, we’ll be even more excited to come up with something new together! Contact us today to start innovating a unique and craveworthy flavor that meets your needs.
If you’re looking for the fluffiest, most spreadable margarine around, try our whipped margarine. It’s been aerated and whipped into shape to create the perfect topping for your breakfast, dessert, or other restaurant or catering needs.

Butterball Margarine Packaging Options

Just as we pride ourselves on giving our customers a full range of options for flavoring and type of margarine available, we also have plenty of packaging choices to fit every customers’ needs. While margarine’s soft consistency means it can’t be packaged in all the ways that butter can, we’ve worked hard to ensure it is still available in a large variety of packaging options.

However, if you don’t see a packaging choice below that will match your business, feel free to reach out to us, and we will work to create a custom solution that will meet your needs. If you’re looking to find a supplier of Butterball products, simply send us a form, and we will connect you with an approved supplier.

Bulk margarine containers
Butterball offers dollops and medallions in bulk containers that are great for bulk suppliers looking for margarine choices. They are pre-portioned in a box.
Individually wrapped
In addition to bulk containers, dollops and medallions can be purchased in individually wrapped packages, complete with nutritional facts and custom branding.
We also offer margarine in tubs of all sizes to match your business’s quantity and storage needs.
Don’t see the packaging option you need? Let’s talk. We will work with you to customize the packaging that is right for your business.

Why Butterball as Your Bulk Margarine Supplier?

Butterball Farms has more than 60 years of experience creating premium, high-quality products for our businesses. Among the many awards we’ve received are the Innovation Award from Jack-in-the-Box in 2015 and the McDonald’s Supplier Summit People First Award in 2013. We were recently named one of West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies in 2022.

Try Butterball Farms Margarine Today

Are you ready to get started designing and ordering the perfect margarine product for your business? Give us a call at (616) 243-0105 or send us a message. Find out why we’re one of the most trusted flavored bulk margarine suppliers around. If we don’t already offer it, then we’d be happy to create something new, just for you!