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Butterball Is an Industry Leader Among Sauce Manufacturers

In need of a delicious, premium, custom sauce for your business? Working with some of America’s biggest brands, Butterball® Farms has been an industry leader among sauce manufacturers for more than 60 years. Our wholesale sauce products focus on customization to fit your establishment’s unique needs from flavor to packaging, or try one of our Quik-Creations® All Natural Butter Sauce Base or Quik-Creations Premium Butter Sauce Base that can be used as a base to create delicious, one-of-a-kind sauce recipes.

Create Custom Flavored Sauce

From dairy to plant-based sauces and anything in between, Butterball Farms will work with you to create a unique flavor profile that differentiates your brand and elevates your offerings. Think savory butter sauces to go on your chicken or pastas, a bacon pepper jack sauce to go on your burgers, a cheese sauce for your breadsticks, a cinnamon-maple sauce for your dessert, or adding your own unique twist or spin to your vegetables or starches to make them something more than a side.

Whatever your idea, we love a good food challenge and can scale up your new product and menu creations quickly and reliably. Our customized sauces are available in a variety of formats, including pre-portioned dollops as well as bulk packaging such as a tub or pail.

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Premium Butter Sauces

Our Quik-Creations Butter Sauces are a speed-scratch way to trim time and labor in prep. They are versatile, heat-resistant, and perfect for offering you a headstart for all your delicious sauces. Just use as a “mother sauce” and add your own spices, herbs, and other flavor ingredients!

Our butter sauces are available at your local distributor and are shipped out in two-pound bags, with eight containers in a case: 

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Quik-Creations All Natural Butter Base is made using real, authentic dairy butter and simple, natural ingredients. It blends well with other flavors to create a creamy flavored sauce that pairs well with desserts, pasta, and other sauces. 

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Quik-Creations Premium Butter Sauce Base is recommended to pair with beef, chicken, fish, pasta, vegetables, rice, and many other dishes for breakfast, dinner, and dessert. These butter sauce bases can supplement any ingredient that is intended to moisten a dish. 

Feeling inspired? Check out our recipe ideas to see how you create a delicious meal with our butter sauces.

Benefits of Using Our Ready-Made Sauces

Ready-made sauces are built around your industry needs! All of our sauces are customized to meet your unique preferences and application processes. Deliver an incredible flavor to your customers, and reap the benefits of a convenient, ready-made sauce.

Reduce Prep Time & Labor

Food preparation can be quite a time-consuming process. The availability of a ready-made sauce from a sauce manufacturer reduces prep time. Instead of a chef or line cook taking valuable time out of their day to prepare sauces, they can use a sauce that is already made as a food base or dipping sauce. Their sauce preparation time can now be spent improving their craft.

Food manufacturers can include individually packaged sauces in their meal kits. Outsourcing sauce takes an unnecessary task off the plate of food preparation workers and also removes the hassle of arranging a way to package the sauce. We provide a variety of formats, including pre-portioned sauces in the form of dollops, medallions, and rolls.

Don’t waste time recreating the wheel when it comes to packaging. With Butterball Farms, you can easily print a private label, logo, or allergens/nutritional information on the individual flow wrap.

Offer as Dipping Sauce

Dipping sauces are meant to enhance certain foods. Appetizers like chicken tenders, buffalo wings, pretzels, and tater tots need a pop of flavor to be properly enjoyed. Culinary brands can utilize sauce manufacturers like Butterball Farms to include custom dipping sauces in their meal kits and frozen meals. Customers of restaurants are sure to appreciate the addition of a delicious new sauce to accompany menu items.

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Use Butter Sauce as Base

Our butter sauce base can be used as a food base for a variety of cooking recipes. A food base provides a concentrated flavor that complements the main element of the dish. Meat dishes like turkey, chicken, and lobster are especially enhanced when accompanied by a food base.

Customized Flavored Sauces for Every Industry

Try wholesale butter tubs from Butterball Farms today and experience convenience like never before. Choose your flavors and tub sizes for a truly personalized experience. Contact Butterball today to find out how to place an order for bulk tubs of butter.


Our butter sauce was created with restaurant needs in mind. A creamy non-dairy sauce or dairy sauce will bring vibrant flavoring to menu items like pasta, vegetables, and meat dishes. Or let us create one for you! Creating custom flavors for restaurant use is our specialty.

Meal Kit Companies/Food Manufacturer

Private label sauces enhance culinary products without placing another name on the package. We can provide individually packaged butter sauces that come in pre-portion dollops or medallions to include in meal kits and frozen food items.


A significant portion of cafe sales consists of baked goods. Using a butter sauce can improve the baking process for items like scones, muffins, danishes, cakes, and bagels. Custom flavors of butter sauce can also be implemented for a next-level culinary experience.


To sell their products, retailers can use these butter sauce bases, increasing customer satisfaction through our private label sauces. They can be added to products and used as a supplement to deli items without any significant contribution on the retailer’s part.

The Possibilities Are Endless with Butterball as Your Sauce Manufacturer

Dessert Sauces

A butter sauce base can play an essential role in creating a magnificent dessert recipe. Use our Quik-Creations butter base to make chocolate sauces for volcano cakes, ice cream, cheesecake, or churros. It can also be used for almond and apple butter sauces, cream cheese spreads, or any other dessert that needs a buttery flavor. 

Meat and Seafood Sauces

Seafood and other meat dishes often need a sauce to enhance their flavor. Custom sauces can be used for seafood boil sauce, consisting of garlic and butter flavoring. Cucumber dill sauce, béarnaise sauce, and alfredo sauce also pair well with seafood recipes. Classic sauce creations such as steak sauce need butter as a base to achieve their smooth consistency and flavoring.

Vegetable Sauces

Those who consider vegetable dishes to be plain have never tried one with our custom sauces! Try marinating your asparagus, Brussels sprouts, or roasted carrots with a butter sauce loaded with herbs and spices, or adding elote-flavored dollops atop an ear of corn. If you need a way to make vegetables more appetizing, our dairy and non-dairy sauces can be used to make vegetable dishes a creamy delight.

Pasta Sauces

Butter sauce is something no pasta dish is complete without. To create carbonara, pesto, alfredo, and other signature sauces, simply use our Quik-Creations butter base sauce and add the necessary ingredients. The smooth, creamy texture of your pasta sauce will quickly become a customer favorite.

Try Our Ready-Made Customized Flavored Sauces

As a condiments supplier and flavor expert, it is our responsibility to provide you with the highest quality products possible. Dedication to customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from other sauce manufacturers. Contact us to talk about what you envision for your company in terms of specialty sauces, and we’ll see what we can do for you.