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Individual butter portions of all shapes and sizes

Butterball Farms creates premium individual butter pats, balls, packets, dollops, and portions of all shapes and sizes.

Want to wow your guests with butter and maximize their experience? Need a sophisticated butter product for your fine dining tabletops? Interested in embossing a butter pat with your company logo? Butterball® Farms has the individual butter product that’s right for your business needs.

We imagine butter differently. You should too. Ready to serve, simple to use and unbelievably fresh, Butterball Farms only uses locally sourced, premium sweet cream butter.

Individual Butter Portions

Salted Single-Serve Butter

We offer individual servings of fresh, high-quality, sweet cream salted butter in bulk. From our classic Butterball Butter Premium Balls®, timeless floral designs, and fun geometric Pop-Outs® to individually wrapped butter pats, we manufacture individual butter portions in a variety of shapes and designs. Use these either in the front of the house to elevate the dining experience or back of the house for sauces, soups, roux, and more.

Unsalted Single-Serve Butter

We manufacture our rich, creamy, unsalted single-serve butter in a variety of shapes and designs, from simple domes or butter balls to sleek, sophisticated medallions and beautiful embossed roses. Unsalted butter in bulk is a great investment for bakeries or other chefs who want more control over their salt-to-butter ratio.

Types of Individual Butter Pats

Butterball Butter Premium Balls®

Our Butterball Butter Premium Balls add elegance to the tabletop with their intricate, classic design. Whether salted or unsalted, your guest experience will never be the same once you’ve added the smooth, creamy sophistication of Butterball Butter Premium Balls.

Butter Medallions

Butter Medallions are the perfect, smooth, classic addition to any tabletop or bread basket. The simple medallion provides a sleek, sophisticated look and just enough butter to share or to enjoy a delicious indulgence of rich, creamy butter. Let your patrons decide on their portion size with salted and unsalted butter medallions.


Flavored Butter Dollops

Ready to take your dish to the next level? Flavored butter dollops are delicious mounds of pre-portioned, frozen butter that can easily be added to pre-packaged meals. We offer a wide variety of sizes as well as gourmet flavors, from apple herb to chile lime cilantro to parmesan black pepper.

Looking for a solution with a little more flavor? Make your own! With the help of our incredible culinary team, we can work with you to develop a custom butter flavor that is completely unique to your brand and meets your application specifications.


Shaped Butter Pats

Make a statement with our uniquely shaped butter pats. We base our shaped salted and unsalted butter designs on the beauty of nature, the clean lines of geometry, or the familiar patterns of fun objects from everyday life. We can even emboss your company logo!


Custom Individual Butter

Butterball® Farms offers customizable butter products of every sort. Whether you want a specific shape, unique flavor, custom logo, or special size, our team combines the meticulousness of food science with the passion and imagination of the culinary arts to produce products that greatly enhance your value and works to your specification and application.

Where Can I Buy Individual Butter Packets?

Our individual butter portions are available in a variety of formats from distributors across the U.S. It’s easy to find distributors in your area.

Individual Butter Pats for Every Industry

For just pennies per serving, you can transform your butter from an afterthought to an invaluable asset for your business, making them think you thought of everything. We are the perfect choice for caterers, foodservice, restaurants, and more!

Whether you need convenience in the kitchen or elegance on the dining table, our single-serve butter pats can help in all parts of restaurants. By using individual butter pats, you can help control portion sizes both in the front and back of the house.
We help food manufacturers complete their prepared meals with our preportioned butter. Whether you want a classic salted or unsalted butter pat or want to enhance your meal with a flavored butter dollop, there’s no better choice than Butterball® Farms.
Interested in individual butter with your name on it? Butterball® Farms has partnered with many major brands to provide private label butter products. From restaurant chains to grocery stores to hotels to meal kit brands, our butter is everywhere—but you’d never know it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The size of an individual butter portion depends on the shape selected. Our Butterball® Butter Premium Balls, for example, are 0.25 oz each, while our butter medallions range from 0.228 oz to 1 oz each.

It depends on the type of butter product you choose. Our Butterball Butter Premium Balls, for example, come in two resealable, gusseted bags with a zipper-style closure. Our portion-controlled and ready-to-serve roses & rosettes are packed into individual compartments, which separates each rose and eliminates breakage during shipping and handling. We also offer individually wrapped butter in bulk (minimum order quantity required—contact us to learn more) with the availability to print your logo on the wrapper.

Our butter products store frozen, which means you can save on refrigeration space.

Again, it depends on the type of butter product you choose. A case of Butterball® Butter Premium Balls®, for example, includes two 3-lb. bags of butter, translating to hundreds of individual butter balls.

Our standard salted and unsalted butters are gluten-free as well as certified Kosher. However, our flavored butter dollops each have their own ingredients. Be sure to check the ingredient and allergy product specifications before purchasing any of our flavored butters if gluten or other ingredients are of concern.

Mainly, salt! Salted butter is often chosen for savory meals and tabletop use, while unsalted butter is a favorite of bakers (and anyone who wants more control over their sodium intake). However, these are simply preferences, not hard-and-fast rules. Our salted and unsalted butter perform well in all cooking, baking, and tasting scenarios.

Why Choose Butterball Farms?

At Butterball® Farms, we Imagine Butter Differently. As butter manufacturers for more than 60 years, we have been producing artisan-quality, embossed tabletop and flavored butters that create a sophisticated customer experience.

Family-owned and operated, we’ve long been recognized for delivering exceptional, quality, value, and service. We will do the same for you. Give your customers the best with premium butter from Butterball Farms.

Find Butterball® Farms individual butter pats near you today, or contact us for more information.


Looking for another flavor?

We can create a custom flavor profile just for you!