ButterBall Farms Inc.

We make it all, from individual butter servings to butter sauces to custom butter blends.

What We Make

Whether you’re looking for butter for the front or back of the house, Butterball® Farms has the answer.  From elegant, premium embossed butters for your tabletops, to delicious butter sauces and bases for your next culinary creation, to specialty butters created exclusively for you, Butterball® Farms has premium butter products to fit your needs.

We believe the tiny details make all the difference when you are trying to set the right tone and enhance your guests’ dining experience. We take great pride in producing the perfect butter for any application, so we offer premium butter in a wide range of formats and flavors. And for a dining experience that’s entirely unique, we can work with you to create a custom butter design or flavor profile exclusively for your brand or company.

Our Brands

Butterball® Farms is home to several unique butter brands, each with their own area of expertise and well-deserved reputation for excellence. No matter your butter needs, our brands are ready to exceed your expectations.