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Butterball® Farms is a family-owned and -operated business delivering exceptional service and top-quality bulk butter products. We proudly serve restaurants, caterers, retail businesses, consumer packaged goods suppliers, and distribution centers. Our bulk butter tubs are a hit among all of these industries for the benefits they provide.

Labor-saving butter tubs are a great way to add flavor to your food while reducing product waste. When you add our flavored butter to your meals, you save time by not having to pre-mix or stock items and realize efficiencies in costs and portion control.  Order our 1-lb garlic herb tub from DOT Foods today, or let’s work together to build a custom butter flavor!

Quality Butter Products for Food Industry Professionals

At Butterball, we only supply the highest quality butter products to businesses in the food industry. Restaurants and commercial kitchens trust our butter tubs for premium, flavored butter in convenient containers. When you choose Butterball, you know you’re getting only the best.

butter tubs in bulk for sale

Why Choose Butterball Farms as a Wholesale Butter Supplier?

Butterball Farms is prepared to tackle all your wholesale butter needs. We’ve been manufacturing butter for over 60 years and quickly climbed our way to the top of the industry. Choosing our products means you can:

  • Save time: Spend more time focusing on serving your customers and guests when you choose Butterball’s wholesale butter products. Purchasing butter in bulk means you save time in the kitchen. Instead of spending hours mixing your own butter flavors, we’ll take care of it for you. You’ll have the exact flavor you’re looking for, ready to be used in any recipe.
  • Customize flavors: Choose from our long list of custom flavors you know and love, or experiment with new flavors to create something brand new!
  • Order smaller batches: Our extensive production capabilities allows us to do what a lot of other manufacturers won’t: produce smaller volumes of product with a level of perfection you will not find elsewhere. Our low minimum order quantities make it easy to try new products without breaking the bank. 
  • Enjoy high-quality products: Our butter has earned its BRC-AA rating, which means you can count on its premium quality and delicious taste.
  • Reduce waste: Butter tubs help to reduce waste in more ways than one. Because there is a larger quantity of butter per tub, you’re creating less waste than some individually wrapped products might create. Tubs of butter can be washed once emptied and then recycled or reused. They’re tightly sealed to keep fresh longer.

Who Needs Bulk Butter Tubs?

Butterball proudly provides bulk butter tubs to customers in a range of industries. If you’re considering our butter products, we serve industries just like yours daily.

  • Co-manufacturing: Companies that co-manufacture with Butterball enjoy butter tubs that have been perfectly customized to meet exact specifications.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants choose tubs of butter for the convenient, easy-access containers. Not only are they filled with the best flavors and products on the market, but the resealable closure makes all the difference in workflow in a fast-paced kitchen environment.
  • Caterers: Easily upscale your dishes with resealable butter tubs full of flavored, creamy butter. You can even create a custom flavor to make your butter tub personal to your recipes. 
  • Retail: Whether you’re looking for a private label butter product to sell with your name on it or simply want to bulk order our tubs of butter, you’re getting gourmet butter every time.

Try Our Convenient Wholesale Butter Tubs

Try wholesale butter tubs from Butterball Farms today and experience convenience like never before. Choose your flavors and tub sizes for a truly personalized experience. Contact Butterball today to find out how to place an order for bulk tubs of butter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Purchase Butter in Bulk?

Labor-saving butter tubs are a great way to add flavor to your pre-packaged food while reducing product waste. The tamper-resistant packaging reduces waste as it can be resealed to keep the product fresher for longer. Purchasing in bulk means you save time and money by having all the butter flavors you need at the ready to toss into recipes or sell on the shelves. Butter tubs are a convenient way to use butter. Since our bulk butter is pre-mixed, you don’t have to waste time flavoring each tub; we’ve already handled it!

Can You Freeze Tubs of Butter?

Our butter products store frozen, which means you can save on refrigeration space. 

Are Butter Tubs Recyclable?

Our plastic butter tubs can be washed and recycled. Every small action counts when it comes to protecting the environment.

Can You Customize Butter Tubs?

Yes! Our butter tubs are completely customizable, from the flavors to the packaging.

What Sizes of Butter Tubs Are Available?

Butterball provides butter tubs in an array of sizes. We help you personalize your butter experience by offering options to fit every need. Tubs of butter are available in a variety of packaging sizes depending on your specific requirements. Reach out to us and we’ll help you decide which size is the best fit for your goals.

Looking for another flavor?

We can create a custom flavor profile just for you!