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Food Service Butter Products

Want to turn your food service offerings into something your guests get excited about? With our custom food service butter shapes and flavors, we’re here to make your guests rave about your creations, all while saving your hard-working kitchen staff time and effort every day.

Benefits of Using Butterball® Farms Butter for Food Service

Butterball shaped butters can improve the presentation of steak dinners

Improved Presentation

As an old saying goes in professional kitchens, we eat with our eyes first. Butterball Farms has helped some of America’s best-known brands elevate their presentation, both with additional brand elements on shaped butter pats and with custom flavors that look just as delicious as they smell or taste.

Whether you’re looking for custom logos for the company your kitchen serves, or you just want to add an extra floral flair for your country club’s guests to enjoy with butter roses, we pride ourselves on being a food service manufacturer that takes extra steps to provide more branding elements for your guests during the dining experience.

You can find a wholesale butter distributor near you by connecting with us.

quick creations lemon butter sauce

Greater Taste

The quality of Butterball Farms butter is something your customers can taste, whether you’re offering them pats for table service or using our medallions as a finishing butter. We start with premium butter with a smooth, creamy texture made from farm-fresh cream, and use quality ingredients to add craveworthy notes to every bite of our custom flavored butters.

Whether you need a sweet white chocolate-flavored butter for breakfast and dessert menu items, or you want to add a splash of citrus and chile to your seafood dishes, we can provide you with custom wholesale butter that fits your food service needs and sends your guests’ taste buds on a journey.

Better Meal Experiences

The road to an unforgettable dining experience is paved in small details. The combination of strong visual presentation and better taste will leave your customers with a more memorable experience and keep them coming back for future visits.

Reduced Preparation Time and Labor


In the breakneck pace of food service environments, there simply isn’t time to stop and prepare enough compound butter to get through the dinner rush. That’s where pre-portioned and ready-to-use butter dollops or tubs can come in handy.

Having wholesale food service compound butter readily available throughout the day can save your kitchen staff hours of time they’d otherwise spend making custom compound butter. In turn, you’ll save on labor costs and have a consistent, controlled product that complements every dish your staff makes, every time.

Custom Butter Flavors for Food Service Companies

Create Delectable Breakfasts

In addition to providing beautiful shaped butters Butterball Butter Premium Balls® for breakfast service and buffets in everything from college dormitories to retirement communities to high-class resorts, we also offer custom sweet butters in flavors ranging from pumpkin to cinnamon to spicy honey. These add additional sweetness to any cinnamon roll, coffee cake, or bagel your organization provides to guests.

Looking to offer savory options for breakfast as well? Our bacon and shallot or blackened Cajun-flavored butters make your omelets or breakfast potatoes stand out from anything your guests have ever experienced before. We also provide multiple varieties of savory butter and are passionate about customizing your butter even further if you have a new flavor idea in mind.

Butterball® Farms butter balls and shaped butters add elegance and variety to any spread.

Add Flavor to Lunch and Dinner with Custom Finishing Butter

No matter what your dining room’s menu might look like over the course of a month, there are countless instances where custom finishing butter can provide a restaurant-level experience. Our custom finishing butters add a unique touch to any entrée, including steak and salmon dinners. They also play an essential role in sauces for pasta dishes, risottos, and other light fare.

Custom Food Service Butter for Menu Experimentation

When it comes to menu planning in food service settings, all work and no play makes for some very bored guests—and kitchen staff. That’s partly why we love working as a food service distributor that offers customization, all with the same BRC-AA quality that makes every bite something to savor.

Wholesale Food Service Butter Portions

Shaped Butters

Looking for a way to provide an additional elegant flair to your dining customers? We offer salted and unsalted butter pats in unique shapes, including roses, rosettes, shaped medallions, and custom logos.

Butter Tubs

An ideal bulk solution for food service settings, our flavored butter tubs allow you to keep recipes uniform across multiple locations. It also reduces prep time to just a few minutes per week.

Here are a few other important things to know about our butter tubs:

  • You can freeze our butter tubs: In fact, we designed them to store frozen, meaning you’ll have extra refrigeration space if you need it.
  • The butter tubs are recyclable: We encourage it. Simply wash and recycle the tub, and rest easy knowing you’ve taken a small step toward helping the environment in an industry that typically produces a lot of waste.
  • We have multiple tub sizes available: Whether your kitchen’s needs only warrant using 1-pound tubs, or if you know you’ll need larger bulk sizes, we can address your specific requirements.

Butter Dollops

The cream of the crop in our custom flavored butter portions, these pre-measured butter dollops have been making cooking easier and more efficient for everyone from the experienced head chef to the line cook who’s still learning the ropes.

Instead of taking the time to create a batch of garlic-herb butter from scratch, Butterball Farms butter dollops allow your staff to simply take a half-ounce garlic-herb butter dollop out of the box and proceed as they normally would.


Custom Food Service Sauce Manufacturer

In addition to creating wholesale butter in custom flavors for the food service industry, Butterball Farms also creates multiple types of custom food service sauces that add appeal to every dish you create.

Butter Sauces for Food Service

Our Quik-Creations Butter Sauces are just as versatile as your team and are a natural fit for anything from wine sauces to your chef’s top-secret finishing sauce. Our All Natural Butter Sauce Base and Premium Butter Sauce Base make excellent mother sauces for all your creations. Whether you need a butter-based sauce that’s sweet or savory, our butter sauce bases make it easier for your chefs to do their job and wow your guests with every course.

Quik-Creations Butter Sauce - Hot Wings

Dipping Sauces

What are chicken tenders and wings without sauces to accompany them? Sad and maybe a bit disappointing. A dipping sauce can provide a pop of flavor for many different recipes. Not only will the addition of dipping sauces elevate your guest experience, but they’ll also save your staff the hours they’d otherwise spend making aioli every week.

Wholesale Dessert Sauces

Butter sauces are a staple in everything from chocolate fondant for lava cakes to butterscotch and caramel toppings and fillings for ice cream and other spreads. Having wholesale food service butter sauces on hand makes it easier for your pastry chef to keep up with demand and save valuable time while still offering restaurant-caliber desserts to your guests.

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Order Our Bulk Butter for Restaurants

Ordering butter from a wholesale food service manufacturer like Butterball Farms makes preparation easier than ever, all while still offering your guests restaurant-quality meals that will have them excited to dine with you. Work with us as your food service manufacturer or co-packer, and you’ll see for yourself how we’ve changed the way people think about butter.

Share your custom flavor ideas with our team of experts today, or check out our full line of wholesale butter products today.