ButterBall Farms Inc.

We serve industries as diverse as our butters.

Who We Serve

For more than 60 years, Butterball® Butter has been found in kitchens and on tables all over the world. From cruise ships to fine and casual restaurants, a wide variety of industries and specialized markets serve premium creamy Butterball® Butter. For some, butter shapes enhance the presentation and simplify preparation; for others, our flavored butters enhance taste while reducing prep time. Here are some of the many sectors that we serve, and the many butter products that they serve.


Our Butterball® Butter Premium Balls®, butter Trademarked Roses, and medallions add flavor and flair to dining rooms, while kitchens use our flavored butters in the preparation of many dishes.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Food manufacturers rely on our premium butters to enhance prepared meals and heat-and-serve entrées and sides. For many of them, we create custom butter flavors that consumers love and competitors can’t match.


Flavored butter dollops are delicious mounds of butter, pre-portioned and ready to add to your packaged produce, seafood, meat, and prepared meals. By using flavored butter dollops, you will realize efficiencies in cost and labor with no need to procure, stock, and mix individual ingredients. Most importantly, craveable flavored butter from Butterball® Farms will help increase store traffic and provide higher basket rings.

Foodservice Distributors

We help national and regional food distributors grow their butter category with our line of premium, specialty products and by providing innovative, value-added programs. flavored butter from Butterball® Farms will help increase store traffic and provide higher basket rings.


Major airlines serve individual custom design butters  on their first-class international flights. Cruise ships use our Butterball® Butter Premium Balls® on their dinner tables and buffets. We also supply butter to the Military and Government agencies.


Caterers / Catering

Caterers love to use our individual butter servings in their table settings. They also use our flavored butters and sauces in creating many of their dishes.

Higher Education

Higher Education means higher head counts at events and banquets, so schools use our individual butter servings for their ease of preparation, eye appeal, and flavor. Many even customize them with their own school logo.

Country Clubs / Golf Clubs

Small luxuries have an enormous influence on guest satisfaction, and this is especially true when you’re serving hundreds of guests at the same time. That’s why so many country clubs serve our Butterball® Butter Premium Balls®, butter Trademarked Roses, or medallions with their bread service and sides.


Hotels everywhere rely on our individual butter servings at events, banquets, buffets, and for room service to enhance their guests’ experience. Hotel kitchens and restaurants enhance menu items with our flavored butters and unique sauces.


Meal Kit

For quality and convenience, meal-kit companies include our wrapped butter medallions and flavored dollops as an ingredient in their recipes to create an unbelievable consumer experience.

Senior Living Centers

Real butter and a more upscale dining experience are very popular with older adults, so many senior centers offer residents individual butter servings of rich, creamy Butterball® Farms butter.