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Catering Butter Products from Butterball® Farms

Whether you’re serving up an unforgettable meal to a newlywed couple and wedding party, providing a delicious spread for a corporate convention, or feeding a large team at a holiday party, catering services are always made better when high-quality butter products are incorporated.

At Butterball® Farms, we provide a versatile array of delicious bulk butter products to catering companies that are available at your local distributor. If you’ve been seeking beautifully shaped butter that will “wow” diners and elevate their dining experience or buttery sauce bases to cut down on prep time, you’ll find all of that and more at Butterball Farms.

Better Butter for Your Catering Business

Butterball Farms butter is the best choice for caterers seeking to consistently impress their guests and improve the food preparation process.

Unmatched Quality Catering Butter

Butter is the backbone of impressive flavor profiles, creating delectable sauces and spreads that make guests ask, “What’s your secret?” Better butter is always the answer! Delicious dining experiences turn into unforgettable meal memories with top-of-the-line butter. By giving your catering patrons the gift of better-tasting dishes made with high-quality butter, you’re earning great reviews, recommendations, and life-long clients.

Our premium European butter is the creamiest and most flavorful on the market, made from farm-fresh cream. We’ve been the leading provider of both flavored and shaped butter for over 60 years for a reason—once you experience Butterball butter, you won’t be settling for the basics ever again.

Not only do our butters taste incredible, but you can also be assured that every batch is crafted intentionally and with our customers in mind. We have received many awards and certifications for food safety, including BRC Global Standards certification. BRC graded Butterball Farms AA, the highest rating a manufacturer can receive, for our quality as a butter manufacturer.

A Great First Impression, Guaranteed

Our beautiful butter shapes wow guests by adding elegance to the tabletop. Though it may seem like a minor detail, the butter you offer your guests is an integral part of their first impression and sets the tone as the meal unfolds. By serving beautiful butter, you make a statement as telling as the rich, clean butter taste that lingers on the palette. It tells your guests you thought of every last detail, making them remember you and come back for more.

Save Time with Catering Butter Portions

Catered events require many intricate details to come together. Timing is incredibly important when it comes to providing top-quality dishes, and we can help speed up a few tasks and simplify your process. Our individual butter portions are ready to serve and easy to pop out of packaging and place at table settings while prepping your event.
Our pre-flavored butter helps cut down on food preparation. Whether you’re creating a sweet or savory dish, these pre-portioned, flavor-packed dollops of butter can be quickly added as a finishing butter to steaks, vegetables, and so much more.

Delectable Dishes for Your Catering Clients

Why does better butter matter? Butter is highly versatile, providing a rich flavor to each one of your dishes. When you add a Butterball Farms product to your recipes, your catering guests will be raving about every part of the menu—and returning to your services for all of life’s most delicious moments.

Flavorful Finishing Butter

Finishing butter adds another layer of flavor to finished dishes of all varieties. Proteins like steak, salmon, beef tenderloin, and chicken are made even more succulent when topped with a flavored finishing butter like Asian BBQ or citrus garlic. Tender pasta dishes and sauteed vegetables are instantly transformed with finishing butter as well—think brown butter with sage, spicy soy ginger, or lemon herb. Whatever flavor profile you’re seeking to achieve, we’re happy to help with our fantastic finishing butters.


Custom Catering Butter

Stand out from the catering competition with your own uniquely flavored butter options. With Butterball Farms, you can customize butter flavors to pair with any dish or occasion. Sweet butters infused with brown sugar or apple, spicy chili butters, zesty citrus butters, and smokey, herbaceous butters await—the mouthwatering possibilities are endless! Start creating your custom catering butter today (volume minimums apply).

Wholesale Butter for Caterers

Butterball Farms offers a wide variety of wholesale butter products that will take your catering company to the next level—and what a delicious level it is!

Half of crafting a phenomenal catering experience is providing exquisite flavors, while the other part is creating an appealing presentation. Our premium butter balls are an elegant, tasty addition to any bread plate, a huge step up from individual butter packets that guests awkwardly fiddle with.

Flavors in Tubs

Looking for easily scoopable butter in larger quantities? Easily upscale your dishes with resealable butter tubs of flavored, creamy butter. You can create a custom flavor to make your butter unique to your recipes or order our 1 lb Roasted Garlic Herb tub today through Dot Foods.

Artisan Butter Group small Large

Butter dollops from Butterball Farms are ideal for caterers looking to maximize food preparation efficiency while supplying guests with bold flavors. Our dollops are pre-portioned mounds of butter that can be tossed into sauces, soups, pasta, or proteins or used as a finishing butter. Dollops save you time by cutting out mixing, flavoring, and portioning—everything is done upon arrival. Get our garlic herb dollops via your local distributor, or contact us for a custom flavor.

Bread and Butter_045

Before we dig into a delicious dish, we eat with our eyes. At catered events, a stunning presentation sets up the meal for success, and our uniquely shaped butter portions will certainly impress your guests. We offer a huge selection of shapes to delight your catering clients for any occasion. Whether you’re catering a golf-related event, a springtime gala, or a timeless wedding, our shaped butter creations will both satisfy taste buds and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Butterball Farms’ butter-based sauces make creating creamy concoctions incredibly simple. Add in fresh herbs, spices, wines, or other flavoring agents to quickly whip up the perfect protein-finishing sauce, buttery pasta sauce, or dessert sauce. Our Quik-Creations® All Natural Butter Sauce Base and Quik-Creations® Premium Butter Sauce Base are break-resistant, microwavable, and will have you crafting high-quality sauces in no time.

Order Bulk Butter for Catering

Better quality butter ensures your catering guests leave delightfully satisfied. Experience for yourself how unmatched flavors and pre-portioned butter elevate the taste and efficiency of your dishes—place an order of Butterball butter today.