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Butterball® Butter Premium Balls® – Salted

Butterball Butter: Bulk Butter for America’s Biggest Brands |

Butterball® Butter Premium Balls® wow your guests by adding elegance to the tabletop. They have a smooth, creamy texture and pleasing buttery taste. Butterball® Butter Premium Balls® present beautifully in a ramekin or dish and help demonstrate your attention to detail. 

Pairs Great With

  • Bread Service
  • Sauces

Suggested Use

  • BOH: Food Prep in Restaurants
  • FOH: For Restaurants

Quality Butter Balls Packaged for Convenience

Show your guests you thought of every detail with Butterball® Butter Premium Balls®. Made from farm fresh, high-quality sweet cream, Butterball Butter Balls wow your guests by adding elegance to the tabletop. Packaged in a resealable, gusseted, three-pound bag with a zipper style closure, our butter balls are convenient and easy to pour and store. Available in salted or unsalted at your local distributor. 

What Are Butter Balls?

Butter balls are premium, European-style butter shaped into pre-portioned, beautiful balls. 82% butter fat content is higher than most American butters and more typical of European-style. The result is a rich flavor and a luxurious mouth feel.

Made from farm fresh cream with a smooth, delicious and creamy taste, ready to serve and unbelievably fresh, the balls of butter come in quarter-ounce-sized spheres that arrive in three-pound bags and have a shelf life of 180 days. They are best kept frozen when not in use to preserve freshness and help you save on refrigerator space.

The butter we use for our butter balls is not whipped with air, and the shape creates a superior culinary presentation. Butter balls pair delightfully with bread and also serve as a fantastic base for sauces and gravy. Whether used for meal prep or setting the dinner table at a restaurant, butter balls are an innovative industry solution.

Premium Butter Made From Farm-Fresh Cream

There’s a reason the essentials in life are called the bread and butter. Artisan butter adds an exquisite taste and smooth texture that transforms a dish into an excellent and memorable culinary creation. We take pride in the quality of all our butter products, and our butter balls are no exception. That’s why we are a BRC-AA rated manufacturing plant. Having the highest quality certifications provides assurance that our butter is being produced, prepared and handled according to the highest standards.

Premium quality butter elevates customer satisfaction when used in recipes. The foundational elements of a meal or of baked goods are a solid indicator of how the dish will taste in its entirety. The creamy, rich taste of Butterball butter balls is a spectacle for the senses that improves any recipe.

Why Butterball Farms?

Butterball Farms is trusted by restaurants, wholesalers, and individuals to deliver butter of exceptional quality, and we haven’t disappointed yet. For over 60 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the craft of making artisan butter and giving unparalleled customer service. We’ve created various flavored butters and even offer custom butter products. At Butterball Farms, we imagine butter differently and enjoy helping our customers make a lasting and delicious impression on their guests.

Uses of Butter Balls

Restaurants and hotels with breakfast buffets can utilize butter balls for self-serve breakfast stations. Guests will enjoy the simplicity and elegance of preshaped butter to accompany their toast or pancakes. It’s the little details that guests appreciate.
Buying butter from a wholesale supplier like Butterball is an efficient way to save money on ingredient costs. Many of our buyers purchase in bulk and have the butter delivered in one trip, minimizing processing and delivery fees and resulting in more affordable prices.
It’s easy to measure end estimate servings of butter with our butter balls. Each ball is a quarter of an ounce, making every four butter balls an ounce serving. This is convenient for recipes and improves accuracy, preventing individuals from adding too much butter or too little while preparing a dish. The most minute change in proportions can make a world of difference.
Butterball has a quality guarantee with our BRC certification. Our products have been graded AA, demonstrating our commitment to food quality and safety in line with FDA requirements. The BRC rating program is used by over 23,000 suppliers, making it a trusted organization in the food industry.
Our butter balls can be stored in a freezer for longer freshness. Their shelf life of 180 days amounts to roughly six months. That sort of longevity can’t be achieved by many leading butter brands.
Butter balls have the potential to revolutionize restaurant food prep. Imagine prep time with no more butter measuring! Our premeasured single servings help both chefs and line cooks. The time spent measuring butter could be better spent perfecting food and assuring its quality.

Butter Balls for Bread Service

Our pre-portioned butter balls make an excellent addition to bread service in restaurants and hotels. The well-rounded, buttery taste will impress guests before they even take a bite of their main course. The presentation of butter balls is neat and exudes an air of elegance.
Bakeries and cafes know the importance of a buttery coating for soft, delicious baked goods that leave an outstanding impression. Butter balls for bread creations like croissants, biscuits, baguettes, and bagels add an essential layer of flavor, whether they are sweet and jam-filled or savory and stuffed with cheese.

Butter Balls for Cooking

There are many great recipes that call for a ball of butter! Portioned butter makes cooking easier, because the process of measuring butter and washing measuring utensils is taken out of the equation. Four of our portioned butter balls can be used in a recipe that calls for an ounce of butter.

Use butter balls for delicious vegetable dishes. Vegetables are scrumptious if they’re cooked properly, and butter is a great way to entice kids into eating their veggies. They can also be used for butter burgers, providing sweetness to the savory dish. Take your butter burgers to the next level with perfectly pre-portioned butter for every bun.

Butter balls make it easy to create delicious, flavoral sauces with a creamy butter base. We’d be happy to be the secret ingredient in your special sauce recipe. The butter balls melt smoothly into other ingredients, creating a swirling symphony of flavor. For example, butter in marinara sauces brings out the natural flavors of the tomatoes and herbs.

Delight Your Guests and Improve Flavor with Butter Balls from Butterball Farms

Our butter balls are available through your local distributor. Need help locating a distributor near you? Submit a simple form for our distributor location services and we will help you find a distributor that sells Butterball Farms butter products near you. You can also order a free sample with shipping paid by us so that you can be certain you’re satisfied with the quality of our product.