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Restaurant Butter Products

Want to become the restaurant with the tableside bread and butter service that customers rave about? Curious how to add unique, craveworthy flavor to your restaurant’s menu? If the answer is yes, then we are interested in speaking with you. Provide your guests with premium, smooth, creamy butter that they’ll remember and come back for.
At Butterball® Farms, we have over 60 years of experience providing restaurant and food service facilities with high-quality bulk butter products. As America’s leading provider of pre-shaped and flavored butters, Butterball Farms’ culinary experts are at the forefront of flavors from around the world by innovating premium dairy or plant-based butters, sauces, spreads, glazes, marinades, toppings, and other flavor solutions. Whether you are looking for beautiful butter shapes for your tabletops or a compound butter with a special flavor profile that adds to your offering, we have a solution for you.

Benefits of Using Butterball Farms Restaurant Butter

Improved Presentation

First impressions matter. Make one that lasts and tells your guests you thought of every last detail. Consider the welcoming and craveable experience of a decadent bread on the plate with an elegantly shaped butter compared to the untangling of a conventional pat of butter.
“Wow” your customers with beautifully shaped butters. Our Butterball Butter Premium Balls® or Roses and Rosettes are available through your local distributor.
Boring vs Beautiful

Improved Taste and Differentiation of Your Restaurant

Location, atmosphere and service are all things that affect whether or not someone enjoys your restaurant. But your food is what keeps customers coming back for more.

Butterball butter is made from the highest quality farm-fresh cream, with a smooth, creamy texture and a rich clean taste that lingers on the palette. If you are looking to enhance your bread service or table top experience, your customers will taste the difference with premium, European butter.

Looking to add flavor? With the help of our culinary experts, we can work with you to develop a special flavor profile that is completely unique to your brand—one that customers can’t find anywhere else. We’ll help you stand out by providing fresh and unique butters that enhance the overall experience your restaurant has to offer.

Consistency Across Locations

With pre-measured butter portions, human error is essentially eliminated when it comes to measuring butter for cooking and baking, ultimately helping with cost control and consistency in your menu dishes. Using too much butter can create an overly-buttery dish, while using too little can create a dish that is dry and lacks a creamy texture.

Our restaurant supply butter products make the job of restaurant workers easier. Instead of measuring out butter, you can simply use Butterball’s many pre-portioned, individually packaged or bulk butter products. Whether you prefer butter balls or flavored butter dollops, it’s never been easier to enhance your restaurant’s menu.

Reduced Prep Time & Labor

All that measuring takes valuable time out of a cook’s day. Pre-measured butter portions or flavored dollops save minutes of prep time and clean up with each meal and require zero labor to make, resulting in a more efficient food preparation process. Simply grab a pre-sized butter ball from the bag or grab a dollop out of the box to place in the pan or on the plate as a finishing butter or sauce. Delicious pre-portioned flavor makes it easy for everyone from a formal chef to a line cook who’s learning the ropes. Butterball Farms’ flavored butters also eliminate the need for other ingredients, like garlic or lemon, because they are already included in the butter. Instead of peeling a clove of garlic, mincing it, and adding it to melted butter to create a garlic butter glaze, you can simply warm up a dollop of garlic butter from Butterball Farms. See how we stack up against making compound butter from scratch.

Quality Guarantee

Working with Butterball Farms butter products means that you are prioritizing food safety for your customers. Choosing reliable vendors is essential when it comes to serving quality food. We have received numerous awards for food safety, including BRC Global Standards certification. BRC graded us AA, the highest standard for our quality as butter manufacturers. Working with a trusted company like Butterball provides your customers with quality assurance and protects your brand reputation.

Custom Butter Flavors for Restaurants

Add Flavor with Custom Flavored Finishing Butter

Finishing butter can drastically improve the taste of meat-based dishes such as steak, salmon, beef tenderloin, and chicken. It can also be used for pastas, seafood, vegetables and more. Finishing butter can come in a variety of mouthwatering flavors, from sweet to tangy to zesty. Some of our most popular flavors are Roasted Garlic Parmesan, Pesto Basil, or Bacon w/ Shallot. Give your dishes that extra finishing touch with Butterball’s custom flavored butter products!

Create Sweet Delicacies

Sweet, custom-flavored butter can be used in dessert dishes to provide a smooth, creamy finish. It can be used as a spread on baked goods like strudels, baklava, cinnamon sugar rolls, and shortbread. We can create custom sweet butters for you like cinnamon butter, honey butter, or maple butter. Whether you run a cafe or bakery, or you just want to add a little sweetness to your restaurant menu, Butterball can craft the perfect flavors for your business.

Make Unique and Savory Dishes

The beautiful thing about the culinary arts is the role innovation and experimentation play in cooking and baking. Changing the slightest thing can make an entirely new creation. The combinations of ingredients lead to endless possibilities. Adding custom-flavored food service butter to an old recipe could completely transform a menu item. If you’re looking to make your tried-and-true dishes pop but aren’t sure how, the expert flavor scientists at Butterball Farms can help.

Bulk Butter Portions

Shaped Butters: Butter Balls, Roses, Medallions, and More

Add tabletop elegance for the finishing touch to any well-dressed table. Our butter balls, roses, medallions, and other shaped butters provide ready-serve convenience, going from freezer to plate in minutes. Available at DOT Foods. Contact us to help you find a distributor near you.
Flavors in Tubs

Butter Tubs

Bulk butter that comes in tubs is ideal for many industry uses. Order our 1-lb garlic herb tub from DOT Foods today, or let’s work to build a custom butter flavor together. Custom butter flavors can be packaged in an array of butter tub sizes. We help you personalize your butter experience by offering options to fit every need.

Butter Dollops

Dollops of butter are creamy, pre-portioned morsels that make an excellent addition to any meal. Think of a dollop as something that easily melts and rests on top of a dish, imparting delicious flavor in the final minutes of preparation. Perfect for burgers, steak, seafood, vegetables, chicken and more, they come frozen and pre-measured, so they are ready to use in recipes.

Our dollop butter portions come in half-ounce to ounce sizes. We have dozens of flavors available, including apple herb, bacon pepper jack, spicy soy ginger, and garlic parmesan or will work with you to customize your own, unique flavor. Purchase them in bulk or have them individually wrapped with your logo, allergens and nutritional information for your carry-out diners.


Butter Sauces

Implement Custom Sauce Creations

Custom sauces created using a butter base can make a world of difference in the dishes your establishment offers. You can use our restaurant butter sauce bases to make pasta sauces, soups, desserts or more. Simply use the base as a “mother” sauce adding in your own spices and herbs to transform any dish into a culinary delight. Our Quik-Creations® Butter Sauces are available at your local distributor.

If you are looking for something more custom and ready-made, then we can work with you to build your own sauce that are unique to your brand and greatly enhance your value.Make your restaurant the talk of the town with a craveworthy signature sauce no one can find anywhere else.

Complement Appetizers with the Perfect Dipping Sauce

No appetizer or shareable platter is complete without a delicious dipping sauce. Butter-based sauces can be used for dipping buffalo wings, chicken tenders, pretzel bites, pita bread, fries, and other customer favorites. Vegetables can pair well with dipping sauce as well, of course. A classic vegetable tempura plate is delicious but often dry. A custom dipping sauce would be a wonderful addition to spice it up.

Order Our Bulk Butter for Restaurants

Our restaurant supply butter products make culinary preparation a breeze, and customers love the tasty creations that are made using our butter. As butter manufacturers, we work behind the scenes to bring food to the table. Allow us to work with you as a supplier, and you’ll see why our company has revolutionized the way people think about butter. Get started with a custom order request, and we can assist in creating your next specialty product.