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Better Butter for Your Restaurant

Butter can be so much more than “just another expense” for your organization; it can improve the experience your restaurant has to offer. We’ve helped eateries around the country create new, exciting dishes, improve their food delivery time, and “wow” their guests with meal presentation. We are excited to do the same for you.

Improving Customer Experience

Improve Taste

Differentiate your restaurant with a fresh approach to every detail on your table.

Location, atmosphere, and service are all things that affect whether or not someone enjoys eating at your restaurant. But your food is what keeps customers coming back for more. With the help of our incredible culinary staff, we can work with you to develop a special flavor profile that is completely unique to your brand — one that customers can’t find anywhere else. We’ll help you stand out by providing fresh and unique butters that enhance the overall experience your restaurant has to offer.

Improve Presentation

“Wow” your customers with embossed butters.

Before customers taste your food, they give it a once over with one of their other five senses — sight. But while “this looks delicious” is always great to hear, we’re shooting for more. We offer a variety of specially shaped and designed butters that can add a certain elegance to your meals. Our favorite option is butter that is embossed with your signature logo or symbol. Just imagine your customers’ delight when something as simple as a bread roll is accompanied with a carefully crafted, logo-embossed butter.

Improve Process

Deliver a consistent experience every time with individual butter servings.

There is more to customer experience than what happens at the dining table. After all, every meal begins in the kitchen. Our signature Butter Balls®  and butter sauce bases can help you deliver dishes that have the same consistency and portions (in regards to butter) every time. Our systematic creation and quality check processes ensure it. Having pre-portioned butters ready to go will reduce waste, and allow your workers to spend less time prepping butter and more time engaging with guests.

How We Stack Up vs. Other Butters

While we create butter sauces, bases, spreads, and blends, many restaurants are interested in how exactly our individual butter servings compare to other methods. Below are a few comparisons that make our Butter Balls® a trusted option for restaurants across the United States.


vs. Block Butter

Whether you are using block butter to create individual serving portions or as an ingredient for one of your dishes, you’ll need to dedicate some amount of manual labor to your process. With Butter Balls® from Butterball® Farms, no manual labor is needed. Just grab a pre-sized ball from the bag and you’re done.


vs. Piping Butter

Piping butter can be great for creating intricate designs and patterns, but it falls short with portion control and butter consistency. Our individual butter servings are of a uniform size and consistency, so you can deliver the same dish to your customers every time. The wasted butter that ends up stuck to your piping bag? It’s a thing of the past.


vs. Individually Wrapped

Individually wrapped butter is easy to use, but it doesn’t provide any “wow” factor for your customers. It is overlooked as something that most restaurants offer. When you use our specially-shaped and designed butters, you have the chance to differentiate from your competitors and impress your guests with something they don’t see anywhere else.

Premium Butter from Respected Partners

Butterball® Farms has served the restaurant industry across the United States for over 60 years, providing premium, high-quality butter to brands that know the little things matter. We specialize in custom flavors and designs that allow our customers to leave lasting impressions on their patrons. If you want to differentiate your restaurant while creating loyal, life-long customers, trust the people that live to make butter the most exciting item on the plate — trust Butterball® Farms.

Butter Spreads, Sauces, and Individual Servings for Restaurants

Butter Sauces and Bases

Our premium butter sauces and bases can take any meal from ordinary to excellent in a matter of seconds. They are perfect for restaurants that want to introduce unique and original flavors to their menus…and even more perfect for restaurants who want to cream the competition.

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Butter Spreads and Blends

Our butter spreads and blends are focused on innovation, creativity, and the complete and total delight of your customers. Whether your restaurant is focused on meats, vegetables, or even baked goods, our spreads and blends can help you create meals that make taste buds sing

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Individual Butter Servings

Our individual butter servings make it easy for you to control portions, ensure the uniform consistency of your meals, and deliver swift service to your customers. They can decrease manual labor, reduce waste, and improve the presentation of your butter. But most of all, they are absolutely delicious.

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