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Create Your Own Shape or Flavor.

Custom Butter

For more than 60 years, Butterball® Farms has been a source of premium specialty butter products. If you’re looking for gourmet, personalized butter solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Butterball Farms has custom butter capabilities for every situation. Custom restaurant butter is one of our most prevalent and in-demand services. While restaurants are one of our biggest customers, we create custom butter products for a wide variety of other industries. From completely new flavor profiles for craveable dishes to butter logos that best reflect your brand identity, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Customize Your Butter with Butterball Farms


Custom Butter Shapes

At Butterball, we offer a range of shaped butter options in both salted and unsalted to allow our customers’ total personalization. Our Pop-Out® options go straight from the freezer to the table for ultimate convenience. 

  • Pop-Out® RosesThis trademark Butterball Farms butter rose is so intricately designed three-dimensionally that you might almost mistake it for a real rose. It comes in unsaltedsalted, and budding options.
  • Butterball Butter Premium Balls®Enjoy the smooth sophistication of our premium butter balls in both salted and unsalted flavors.
  • Pop-Out® MedallionsOur Medallions are a classic. They make a bold statement with their simplicity. You can’t go wrong with this versatile shape paired with a creamy, buttery taste.

Interested in a more unique shape? We offer complete customization so you can choose a butter shape that is personalized for your needs. 


We’re proud to offer custom butter products that are both Kosher and gluten-free. These options come in a wide range of flavors you can learn more about in our Flavored Butter Guide. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our available flavors, we can create a custom butter flavor to meet your needs. Each flavor falls into categories like sweet, savory, spicy, and herby.

  • Apple herb: Packed with the flavor of a fresh-picked apple, this sweet butter concoction also contains shallots and thyme. It pairs great with chicken, pork, and vegetables.
  • Asian BBQ: The Asian BBQ flavor is reminiscent of your favorite Asian dishes with a punch of sweet brown sugar. It pairs perfectly with fish, potatoes, vegetables, pasta, and seafood.
  • Bacon pepper jack: Take your burgers, sandwiches, pasta, and potatoes to the next level with this pepper jack-infused masterpiece. 
  • Bacon shallot: From restaurants to corporations, the bacon shallot flavor is a hit.
  • Blackened cajun: This option offers a punch of spice with paprika, garlic, cayenne pepper, onion powder, and dijon mustard. Try it out on chicken, beef, and seafood recipes for the best results. 
  • Brown butter with sage: These frozen butter dollops will make your vegetables taste better than ever. The brown butter flavor paired with parmesan cheese, sage, and garlic make it a unique pop of flavoring.
  • Chile lime cilantro: These delicious frozen butter dollops are flavored with chili pepper, lime, mayonnaise, and feta cheese, making them a great addition to rice, pasta, veggies, and beyond.
  • Citrus garlic: Ensure your seafood is a hit with tasty butter seasoned with orange, lemon, garlic, ginger, and black pepper.
  • Garlic herb: Choose the garlic herb for an option pairing garlic, wine, lemon, and shallot. This butter tastes best with beef, chicken, pasta, rice, seafood, and vegetables. It truly is made for any dish.
  • Garlic parmesan: Our garlic parmesan flavor is seasoned with natural parmesan cheese, garlic, and flakes of parsley. They are packaged in a plastic-lined corrugated box in bulk.
  • Horseradish and bleu cheese: Described as “tangy and robust,” our horseradish and bleu cheese flavor makes the perfect addition to toppings. Accent your burgers and potatoes with a delicious, buttery condiment. 
  • Lemon dill: Try butter dollops, medallions, or rolls of this lemon dill solution. It tastes great with chicken, fish, pasta, rice, and seafood.
  • Lemon herb: While similar to the lemon dill option, this flavored butter pairs lemon zest with parsley flakes. It also pairs best with chicken, fish, pasta, rice, seafood, and vegetables.
  • Parmesan black pepper: This flavor option is seasoned with natural parmesan cheese and black peppercorn. Try it with your beef, fish, potatoes, and vegetables.
  • Salted: Salted custom butter goes great with just about everything.
  • Savory bacon: Our savory bacon flavor will quickly become a must for your beef, pasta, seafood, and vegetable recipes.
  • Spicy soy ginger: Flavored with soy sauce, ginger, and a pinch of brown sugar, this custom butter goes best with chicken, pasta, rice, and seafood.
  • Steakhouse: Your beef, potato, and chicken dishes are about to hit new heights. Our steakhouse butter is sure to quickly become a staple.

For optimal personalization and branding opportunities, consider our custom butter logo service. Your brand will truly stand out with a customized logo imprinted on or popped out of your personalized butter.

More Customization Options

We’re committed to offer comprehensive customization options, including the ability to customize:

  • Order size: Butterball offers both small and large bulk orders for mid-sized to large businesses and restaurants. Personalize your order by selecting the quantity that makes the most sense for you. Our low minimum order sizes are perfect for trying new flavors!
  • Types of butter products: Choose between spreads and blendssaucesdollops, medallions, and rolls, or butter tubs

Why Try Custom Butter?

Custom butter is the top solution for personalizing your branding. From unique flavors your customers will recognize to logos that remind them who you are, Butterball makes it all happen.

Benefits of Custom Restaurant Butter

  • Stand out: Custom restaurant butter gives you the ability to stand out from competitors. Become more memorable to your customers and build repeat customers.
  • Create new recipes: By customizing your flavor with the spices and seasonings that taste best to you, you’ll be able to create new recipes that no one else has. –
  • Save time on labor: With no additional prep necessary for the back of the house, custom restaurant butter makes cooking delicious meals quick and easy!

Industries Using Custom Butter

Custom butter is beneficial in a range of different industries.

  • Restaurants: Restaurant chefs love Butterball’s custom butter products. Make your restaurant’s menu cohesive with flavorings that guests are certain to remember and crave more of.
  • Caterers: You’ll be a step ahead of the rest when you serve your customers beautifully shaped butter.
  • Consumer packaged goods: Wanting to add crave-worthy flavor to your pre-packaged meal? Nothing beats delicious, premium butter that is bursting with flavor. Simply insert our butter dollops into your packaged meals. 
  • Hotels: Hotels tend to opt for custom butter logos from Butterball. This helps enhance their branding to stand out from other hotels.
  • College universities: Embrace every chance you get to grow school pride. Something as simple as custom butter with the college logo embossed can make a difference in how students and staff feel about their school.

Why Choose Butterball Farms?

Butterball Farms knows the butter industry better than anyone. Our 60+ years in business is a testament to the great quality products and sincere customer service we’re dedicated to offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is the Custom Butter Packaged?

Flavored butter dollops can be individually wrapped or packaged bulk in a box, depending on each customer’s unique needs.

Can the Butter Pats Be Frozen?

Yes. Our butter pats come frozen to ensure freshness upon use and save on refrigeration space. Simply pop out the frozen butter pat and place it into your recipe.

How Is the Butter Portioned?

Yes. Our butter pats come frozen to ensure freshness upon use and save on refrigeration space. Simply pop out the frozen butter pat and place it into your recipe.

“Wow” Your Customers with Custom Butter

Give your customers something special. Reach out to Butterball Farms today to learn how our order process works.