ButterBall Farms Inc.

Individual Shaped Salted Butter Pats

Classic Salted Butter Shapes

  • Pop-Out® Medallions – Salted: These simple and elegant butter medallions are perfect for all occasions in need of single butter servings and are available in several sizes—pair them with a warm bread basket for a smooth, classic taste with a clean look.  
  • Pop-Out® Dome – Salted: SPECIAL ORDER. Get delicious, high-quality butter for easy servings with our butter domes—inquire about our embossed options for added style that tastes incredible. 
  • Butterball® Butter Premium Balls®Unbelievably fresh and ready to serve, our butter balls are a beautiful choice for spreading on warm bread or muffins, in a hot baked potato, on freshly steamed vegetables, and more! For an even more eye-catching display, present our butter balls in a ramekin or dish to demonstrate your attention to detail.

Salted Butter Flowers

  • Pop-Out® Budding Rose – Salted: Surprise and delight your guests with beautiful butter floral shapes. These pop-outs come frozen in 70-count sheets, making them a great choice both economically and for ease of service. 
  • Pop-Out® Rose – Salted: There is nothing more satisfying than a smear of sweet cream butter—unless it is in the form of a rose, that is! Perfect for weddings, special events, or fine-dining, these quick-frozen butter flowers are of the highest quality. 
  • Pop-Out® Roses – SaltedButter roses are the perfect choice if you’re looking to create a memorable dining experience. Portion-controlled and ready to serve, our roses are simple to plate and store.
  • Pop-Out® Fleur-de-Lis – Salted: SPECIAL ORDER. Our butter florals are packaged in individual compartments, ensuring they are perfect upon arrival—butter never tasted so good, or looked so great!

Salted Butter Nature Shapes

  • Pop-Out® Maple Leaf – SaltedSPECIAL ORDER. The combination of sweet cream salted butter and a fresh roll, muffin, or warm pancake is one of absolute delight. These buttery maple leaves are great for making fall events even more fun. 
  • Pop-Out® Shells – SaltedSPECIAL ORDER. Make your service simple for staff and memorable for guests with beautifully detailed buttery shells—these flash-frozen summer shapes easily slide out of their compartments. 

Salted Butter Geometric Shapess

  • Pop-Out® GeoMetrics Pak® – Salted: SPECIAL ORDER. Spice up your brunch, lunch, or dinner service with a more modern twist on the standard butter medallion. 
  • Pop-Out® Square – SaltedSPECIAL ORDER. A smooth, classic shape, these butter squares are creamy, dreamy slabs of delicious salted goodness. 
  • Pop-Out® Triangle – Salted: SPECIAL ORDER. For pointed buttery flair, you may find our triangles are the top choice—our butters are gluten free and certified kosher, and enjoyed by all. 

Salted Butter Nature Shapes

  • Pop-Out® Golf Ball – SaltedSPECIAL ORDER. There are not many folks as dedicated to their craft as golfers—impress your golfing guests with these detailed buttery golf balls. 
  • Custom butter shapes: We have shapes for everyone—inquire about creating a customized kind of butter for your restaurant, prepackaged meal service, or special event.

Salted Butter Dollops

  • Salted butter dollops: SPECIAL ORDER. Speed up your behind-the-scenes prep or meal finishing with salted butter dollops. Perfect for adding to sauces, proteins, and vegetable dishes, salted butter dollops can easily be added to prepackaged meals. These come bulk packaged in a plastic-lined, corrugated box.

Butterball Farms Salted Butter Facts


Our premium, locally-sourced salted butter is made of the highest quality sweet cream and salt. In a single 14-gram (one tablespoon) Pop-Out®, medallion, or dollop, there are 100 calories and no added sugar. Our butter is certified kosher and gluten free. 


Factors that affect the cost of your salted butter include:

  • Product type: The type of product will affect the cost of your butter. More intricate designs can be more expensive.
  • Order quantity: The portion of butter you order will alter the cost. Salted butter dollops come in case packs of 800, whereas a standard order of medallions is 600. 

Storage Temperature

Butterball’s bulk salted butter arrives frozen but can be kept frozen or refrigerated – it will stay fresh for 180 days upon arrival.

Looking for another flavor?

We can create a custom flavor profile just for you!