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Pop-Out® Honey with Cinnamon Sugar Butter Hive

Butterball Butter: Bulk Butter for America’s Biggest Brands | Item # 123P

Butterball® Farms Honey with Cinnamon Sugar Butter Hive will set you apart from the rest and satisfy all taste buds with its one-of-a-kind beautiful beehive design and comforting, indulgent flavor.

Portion-controlled and ready-to-serve, Honey Butter Hives are simple to plate and store. Beautiful Hives go straight from the freezer to table in just a few minutes!

Packaged in a sealed, hygienic POP-OUT® tray, simply POP-OUT of the tray and onto the serving dish.

Perfectly pairs with breakfast, breads, and pastries or easily elevates lunch or dinner when added to vegetables, pork, or dessert.

Made from farm fresh cream and featuring a balanced honey and cinnamon sugar flavor, it is the perfect spread your guests will love.

Pairs Great With

  • Bread Service  
  • Pork
  • Sauces
  • Desserts
  • Potatoes
  • Vegetables

Suggested Use

  • BOH: Food Prep in Restaurants
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Finishing Butter
  • FOH: For Restaurants
  • Food Prep in Restaurants