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Flavored Butter Spreads

With our premier spreads & blends, you can effortlessly add zest and zing to your menu and signature items.

Enhance Your Dishes with Flavored Butter

Butterball® Farms is committed to providing food service professionals with quality butter products, including our popular flavored butter spreads. From garlic butters to herbs and custom flavors, our butter and whipped margarine options are certain to enhance any dish. While we have dozens of popular options, our biggest goal is to create the exact butter blend you’re searching for. We do this with in-depth analysis of your needs and a comprehensive customization experience.

We can do just about anything you can imagine butter being capable of. We’ll get a great mix and reformulate as many times as it needs to make it perfect. Get in touch to find out how you can create a custom butter spread or blend with Butterball today.

Flavored Butter for Every Occasion

We think every time is a great time to indulge in flavored butter products, but some times call for it more than others. Caterers or country clubs planning large events can benefit from flavored butter to add a perfect punch to any meal being served. Maybe your restaurant is adding a seafood special to the menu and you want to make sure every order is flavored consistently. Try our scampi flavor or ask us which options pair best with seafood. 

We’re always working to outdo ourselves and create something never tasted before. We’ll customize the perfect concoction of butter or margarine based on your needs.


What Is Flavored Butter Spread?

When noting the difference between a flavored butter spread and a butter blend, the important factor is that “spread” is a functional term. We create our creamy, delicious spreads by blending the perfect mix of butter and oils. 

A butter blend is comprehensive and personalized to fit your goal. Whether it’s straight butter mixed with mouthwatering seasonings or a mixture of margarine, oil, butter, or even water, we work until the flavor is just right.  Our blends and spreads are functional and help cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Why Use Butter Spreads?

Convenience is the number one reason our customers choose butter spreads over other options. For restaurants and commercial kitchens, you have to work fast. There’s no need to remove butter from the fridge for hours in order to soften it for use. Our flavored butter spreads give you instant access to mixing your recipes or topping off a dish. If tubs of hardened butter aren’t working out for you, try a butter spread for simple, immediate use.

Why Use Butter Blends?

Butter blends are a great choice when pairing functionality with a lower budget. The option to blend other alternatives into your custom creation allows cost sensitivity without lessening your ability to create cuisine that everyone will be talking about. There are dozens of options available in place of regular butter to give you the most comprehensive personalization experience possible.


What Is Whipped Margarine?


Cut costs by opting for a delicious alternative to butter spreads. Our whipped margarine blends utilize a margarine base with other tasty and efficient oils added for great texture and lower cost. While there are slight flavor differences between a margarine base and a butter base, we work to create the exact flavor you’re searching for no matter your budget.

Popular Butter Spread Solutions


Popular Flavored Butter Spreads

We can make any flavored blend into a spread by altering the functionality through the science of oils. Add them to your seafood dishes, pastas, vegetables, and more. This means your flavor options are endless. Some of our most popular flavored butter spread options include:

  • Plant-based: Plant-based and dairy-free options are available with mixtures of fats and oils that substitute for butter. Some of our most popular non-dairy options include garlic herb, cilantro lime, and lemon dill.
  • Cinnamon honey: A sweet, delicious mixture of cinnamon and honey. Great for desserts, hams, and beyond.
  • Garlic herb: The garlic herb option is a fantastic addition to pastas.
  • Apple butter: Apple butter is tasty on toast, bagels, in pies, and even for dinner.
  • Lemon: Add a pop of citrus with a bit of lemon in your butter spread.
  • Hot honey: Sugar and spice is always nice when it comes to flavoring your food with tasty Butterball® butter spreads.
  • Chili lime: Try the chili lime for a spice and citrus combo you’ll love.
  • More: Other favorite options include scampi, steakhouse, Mexican street corn, seafood boil, piccata, and an infinite variety of others.

Popular Packaging Options & Portion Sizes

While we have many popular packaging options and portion sizes available for our butter spreads and blends, we’re truly all about customization. Use these options as ideas to customize your entire butter experience or take the simple path and choose from what you see. Need something specific? Just ask us!

  • Tubs: Tubs from two ounces up to one pound are popular among retail businesses, with 6.5, 8, and 16 ounce tubs being the most common. For food service, 4 lb tubs and 15 lb tubs are popular choices.
  • Cups: Consumer packaged goods companies love the convenience of butter spread and blends packaged in cups.
  • Rolls: Make it easy to use your flavored butter blend while cooking with a butter roll.
  • Wrapped: Individually wrapped butter spreads and blends are a favorite among consumer packaged goods companies.

How to Pair Flavored Butter Spreads

We have a great guide on custom butter flavors. Check out some of the flavors available to find out how to best pair your particular flavor selection. From rice and pasta to beef and chicken to seafood and potatoes, there’s a flavored butter spread for every dish. 

If you aren’t sure which flavor will go best with a particular dish, we’re always happy to offer recommendations. Butterball knows butter better than anyone, and we use our 60+ years in the industry to serve others to the best of our ability. 

Industries Using Butter Spreads & Blends

We serve clients in every industry by providing gourmet, premium butter spreads and blends that benefit their business. No matter your industry, Butterball has a butter solution for you.

  • Restaurants/caterers: Restaurants and other commercial kitchens turn to Butterball for convenient customization and premium customer service. Use it in the back of the house, save time on labor, and trim costs. Get a flavored butter spread that can’t be found anywhere else.
  • Consumer packaged goods: Consumer packaged goods companies tend to opt for our butter spreads and blends in a cup or wrapped dollop for easy, pre-portioned tossing into packaged meals and meal kits.
  • Retail: Create your custom butter spread and add it to the shelves as a private label product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy Garlic Butter Spread?

Looking for a delicious garlic butter spread with a consistent recipe you can trust? Butterball Farms has you covered. You can even customize it until the spread tastes just right for your recipes. Contact Butterball Farms today and we’ll guide you through the ordering process and help you select the packaging, sizing, and the perfect flavor concoction. 

Can You Freeze Butter Spread?

Yes. All our butter products can be frozen until ready for use. If you intend to use the butter spread sooner than later, we recommend refrigeration to keep it soft and spreadable. 

Can Butter Spread Be Used for Baking?

While butter spreads can be a great alternative to stick butter for your baking needs, it may alter the flavor, texture, and cook time of your creation. Be sure to test any new recipe in a smaller batch before serving to ensure consistent quality for your customers.

How Many Flavored Butter Options Does Butterball Farms Offer?

At Butterball, the number of flavor creations we can create is infinite. There is no set number because we’re constantly creating brand-new, never-before-tasted butter spreads, blends, and beyond. If you don’t see what you’re looking for anywhere on our site, simply ask us and we’ll be happy to accommodate your personalized request.

Trust the Flavored Butter Spread Experts

Trust Butterball Farms to provide perfect, customized butter spreads and blends. Start the ordering process now with a quick message to our team, and we’ll get the butter-ball rolling on your custom-flavored butter spread.

Looking for another flavor?

We can create a custom flavor profile just for you!