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Brown Sage Compound Butter Dollops

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Brown Sage Compound Butter Dollops

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Using brown butter with sage and garlic is the perfect way to infuse your dish with a touch of warmth and sophistication. Whether you’re looking to add flavor to your restaurant menu, meal kits, or frozen and refrigerated goods, our compound sage butter can provide the rich, creamy taste you’re looking for.

Pairs Great With

  • Vegetables

About Brown Butter with Sage Dollops from Butterball® Farms

Servings and Storage Information

At Butterball® Farms, we love creating premium-quality butter flavors that elevate the flavor profile of your dishes. Our brown sage compound butter is a delectable blend of rich, browned butter and earthy sage—with a touch of garlic. Each batch is meticulously crafted to ensure exceptional taste and consistency. Our wholesale flavored butter pats are available in multiple sizes and packaging options. Though our standard portions for brown butter with sage are 0.5 ounces, we can also work with you to find the right size for your needs, including tubs or other pre-portioned sizes and formats. Our butter products can be frozen, and they have a shelf life of up to 210 days. Pre-portioned butter dollops can also be individually wrapped, along with options for custom printing. Whether you want to add your logo or include helpful information such as ingredients and allergens, we can print and package it for you. Contact us today to order compound sage butter from Butterball.

Craveworthy Flavor Profile

Browning butter intensifies its natural flavor and brings out a deep, toasty, almost caramelized flavor. It also introduces a nutty taste that adds a complexity to the flavor and pairs well with both sweet and savory dishes. Brown butter also has a rich, velvety flavor that coats the palate, making it a great base for pasta dishes and desserts such as cookies and cakes. Sage is an herb with a distinctly earthy and savory flavor, which provides an ideal counterbalance to the richness of the butter. Sage also provides a warm aroma to the butter that further enhances the flavor. Brown butter with sage is popularly used as a finishing butter, in food preparation in restaurants, manufacturers, meal kit companies, and more.

How to Use This Sage Compound Butter

Elevate Your Packaged Vegetable Dishes

Our customers love to pair unique butter flavors with their packaged vegetable dishes. Try infusing your steamed or roasted vegetables with a dollop of sage brown butter to add a layer of warmth and savory elegance to your meals. From green beans to Brussels sprouts, the rich flavors of browned butter and sage can make the taste of your vegetables stand out.

Add Warm Elegance to YourPork and Poultry Menu Items

Restaurants looking to create memorable pork and poultry dishes can benefit from the warmth and elegance of brown butter. Whether you’re pan-searing pork chops or roasting chicken, the combination of sage and garlic can enhance the natural flavors of the meat. Your kitchen staff will appreciate the flexibility of the packaging options that we offer, including tubs for cooking and dollops for serving.

Make Your Pasta Meal Kits Unforgettable

Using pre-portioned dollops can create an upscale, restaurant-style feel for your meal kits. Brown butter with sage is a popular choice for butter pasta, especially with the hint of garlic we include in our butter. It can create a velvety sauce that adds depth and complexity to the flavor. Plus, when you put pre-mixed, pre-portioned butter in your meal kits, you’re making things that much easier for your customers. They’ll appreciate the unique flavor that the compound butter adds, and the time they save during the preparation process—not to mention the time that your staff saves preparing it. Plus, using pre-portioned packages of butter also reduces the margin of error during the cooking process, so you can be confident your customers will experience the quality and consistency of their meal every time.

Order Samples of Your Compound Sage Brown Butter Today!

Whether you’re looking for sage compound butter or any other different type of flavored butter—Butterball Farms has you covered. Contact our dedicated team today to order brown butter with sage dollops or to discuss a custom butter that’s right for you.