Butterball Butter: Bulk Butter for America’s Biggest Brands

Give your customers the best with premium bulk butter from Butterball® Farms. From embossed butter roses to flavored butter dollops, Butterball Farms has been on the cutting edge of premium, specialty, quality butter for more than six decades. Explore our custom shapes, designs, and flavors. 

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Butterball Farms butter roses in a cluster
Butterballs in a bowl on a white background

Portioned Butter Products from Butterball Farms

Individual Butter Portions

From our Butterball® Butter Premium Balls®, to our beautifully shaped roses and rosettes, to customized embossed butter pats with your logo on them, we have tabletop butters that will create a lasting impression. Our individual butter portions are ready-to-serve, simple to use, and are the perfect choice for creating memorable guest experiences.

Flavored Butter Dollops

Enjoy the convenience of delicious mounds of frozen, premixed, flavored butter, pre-portioned and ready to insert into your pre-packaged meals. Our butter dollops are available in a variety of portion sizes and delivered according to your packaging preferences.

Butter Tubs

Add flavor to your food while saving on back-of-house labor by buying pre-mixed, flavored butter tubs. Enjoy the convenience of frozen, resealable butter tubs available in a variety of sizes, from 1–4 lb. tubs to pails, barrels, and totes.

Butter Sauce Bases

Our Quik-Creations® Butter Sauce Bases quickly and easily transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinary culinary delights. They are perfect for the chef who wants to create unique flavors to accompany many foods on the menu. Just use it as a “mother sauce” and add your own spices, herbs, and other flavor ingredients!

Butter Blends, Spreads & Alternatives

Enjoy custom butter blends and spreads perfectly designed for your flavor profile. Innovate with butter alternatives such as margarine and plant-based.

Wholesale Butter Supplier for Major Brands

We manufacture premium butter for major brands in most industries, from restaurants to packaged goods. 

Butterball Farms Salmon in Tray
Butterball Farms Corn in Tray Wrapped

Private Label Butter

Secure wholesale butter labeled with your company logo through our private label butter products. We’re proud to be wholesale butter suppliers for a variety of industries, including restaurant chains, catering franchises, grocery stores, hotels, colleges/universities, meal kit brands, and more.

Butter for Restaurants

Our Butterball Butter Premium Balls, roses, and medallions add flair to customer experiences, while chefs use our flavored butters in the preparation of many dishes. From kitchens to dining rooms, Butterball Farms has the right product for your restaurant.

Butter Products for Consumer Packaged Goods

Food manufacturers rely on our premium butters to enhance prepared meals and heat-and-serve entrées and sides. For many of them, we create custom butter flavors that consumers love and competitors can’t match.

Custom Flavored Butter Dollops for Retail

Take your pre-packaged retail food products to the next level with custom flavored butter dollops from Butterball Farms. By using flavored butter dollops, you will realize efficiencies in cost and labor with no need to procure, stock, and mix individual ingredients.

Butterball Farms garlic herb on a white serving tray
Butterball Farms single flavor butter

Why Choose Butterball Farms?

Quality Butter from the Start

At Butterball Farms, we Imagine Butter Differently. As butter manufacturers for more than 60 years, we have been producing artisan-quality, embossed tabletop and flavored butters that create a sophisticated customer experience.

A Leading Butter Company

When it comes to butter, we’ve long been recognized for delivering exceptional quality, value, and service. With awards from national companies like McDonald’s and Jack-in-the-Box, you can be certain that Butterball Farms has what it takes to provide premium, innovative butter products for your business. 

Trusted Butter Manufacturers

Butterball Farms is BRC-AA rated, which ensures that our products are being produced, prepared, and handled according to the highest standards. We’re proud to produce certified kosher and halal products. We also have decades of experience delivering our premium butter products via our network of distributors. In times where the supply chain can be difficult to count on, you can always count on Butterball Farms.

Personalized Attention

Our top-of-the-line customer service makes all the difference to our clients. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have at any step in the process, whether you’re a well-established national brand or just getting your business off the ground.

Find Butterball Farms Bulk Butter Near You

Ready to purchase premium butter in bulk? Explore where to buy our products, or contact us today for more information.

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