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Create A Custom Flavor

In addition to offering premium and specialty butter products for more than 60 years, Butterball® Farms is a custom food flavoring company that can create sauces, glazes, fillings, marinades, and other flavor solutions that add a finishing touch to your menu or product.

With endless opportunities for craveable new flavor profiles that showcase your brand’s flair for innovation, we can help you develop new flavor ideas for everything from breakfast dishes to desserts.

Why Use Custom Flavored Sauces and Toppings for Your Business

Sure, your kitchen team could spend hours developing a new sauce flavor to use in your dining room and packaged products—but when? Working with an American custom food flavoring company like Butterball Farms takes the guesswork off your staff’s plate, allowing them to innovate and provide memorable experiences in other ways.

Even more, for food manufacturers, there are business benefits to using customized flavors. Instead of having to wait for flavored sauces and toppings to be created in-house from scratch, ready-made customized flavors allow you to speed up market development.

Add Innovation with Custom Food Flavoring

To keep your customers coming back time and again and keep your restaurant sustainable as a business, you have to keep innovating with your menu. Food trends may come and go, but custom food flavoring allows you to stand out from competing restaurants and keep a constant pulse on your customers’ preferences—making your restaurant a mainstay through every trend.

No matter which flavor you have in mind, continuously experimenting with custom flavors keeps them coming back for more, allowing you to quickly and reliably scale your ideas across multiple locations.

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Save Time and Labor for Your Staff

Regardless of the flavor combinations you use for your sauces, fillings, and toppings, working with us to develop and produce them can save your team hours. In turn, this cuts down on overtime and labor costs—which is essential for helping you retain your most experienced kitchen staff.

Furthermore, unlike using dry seasonings with your sauces, our ready-made custom flavors reduce the risk of human error in the preparation process. 

For example, suppose your new line chef is still getting familiar with your recipes and process. Instead of leaving them with a high-pressure situation where they might end up with an over-seasoned batch of aioli or a burned pan of butter sauce that you can’t use, using custom ready-made sauces allows them to simply open up a new tub and have the sauce ready for plating.

In another instance, food manufacturers can also use pre-portioned flavored dollops in the manufacturing process. In an environment where additional steps can add up and prevent more products from getting out the door, these can save time on labor while minimizing the changes in your current manufacturing process.

In turn, this allows your kitchen staff to focus on what matters most: providing an excellent customer experience. 

Show Your Commitment to Quality

Investing in custom flavor development sends a subtle message to your customers that you care about providing them with an experience they won’t find anywhere else. In turn, you’re making eating an adventure for your customers by giving them recipes with more flavor and depth they can savor.

Since we use high-quality ingredients in every custom recipe we create, you know your custom sauces and fillings will match your standards for your menu items. This allows you to maintain rigorous quality standards while saving preparation time, cleanup, and storage space.

What to Expect Working with a Custom Food Flavoring Company

Our Custom Flavor Development Process

We’ll work with you to take your custom sauce from concept to continuous delivery. Here is an overview of what you can expect during every step of the custom flavor development process with Butterball Farms.

1. Reach Out to Us With Your Ideas for Custom Flavors

We’re open to all sorts of custom flavor ideas that our industry customers may have, from cinnamon-sugar churro to sour cream and chive. Contact us and tell us more about what you have in mind for your recipes.

2. Meet with Us to Discuss Flavor Development

Our custom flavor development experts will work with you on your specific application to bring your vision to life. Our team will connect with you in person or virtually to discuss the development process, and hear about some of your most unique flavor ideas.

3. Receive a Custom Flavor Sample

Once we’ve settled on a direction for your custom flavor, our culinary experts send you a sample to ensure it matches what you have in mind. This is also your chance to provide feedback so we can adjust the ingredients to fit your vision while keeping the recipe replicable at scale.

4. Research and Development

Once we’ve matched your vision for your custom flavor, our development and commercialization team will work to create the quantity you need at scale. Our goal is to make sure this flavor fits your exact needs, so we want to make sure it’s something we can replicate successfully and consistently whenever you order more.

5. Place an Order

Once we’ve put the finishing touches on your custom food flavor to make it available in bulk, we’ll start making the quantity you need with your commercial specifications, depending on your company and industry’s needs.

6. Make Meals to Impress

With a new custom sauce or filling flavor in your arsenal, it’ll be easier than ever to make every meal a show-stopping experience for your customers. They’ll also be impressed with how quickly and effortlessly your staff can bring them a premium meal that tastes amazing.

Examples of Custom Flavors We Developed

Beyond the realm of table butter in customized or branded shapes and flavors, we also use our butter-based and non-dairy sauces to develop flavors that will have your customers raving. Here are some examples of the custom sauce, glaze, aioli, and filling flavors we’ve made a reality over the years:

  • Adobo
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Blackened cajun
  • Blue cheese
  • Cranberry and cream cheese
  • Elote
  • Honey vanilla
  • Jamaican jerk
  • Maple cream
  • Pumpkin spice
  • Sundried tomato
  • Teriyaki

However, these are far from the only custom flavors we’ve developed or further customized. We’ve created countless proprietary flavors for restaurants, consumer packaged goods, grocery stores, and beyond to bring new and returning customers to their business.

Work with an American Custom Food Flavoring Company

Ready to make your newest custom flavor a reality? Reach out to our U.S.-based flavor development team and we’ll be happy to help. Send us your best ideas and start developing custom flavored sauces with us today.