Frequently Asked Questions

Can you freeze butter?

Yes, you absolutely can freeze butter, and in fact, with proper storage, unsalted butter can be stored up to five months and salted butter can be stored up to nine months. For more detailed information, we invite you to visit Dairy Good.


Is Butterball® butter trans-fat free?

Small amounts of trans fat are naturally occurring in some dairy products, including butter. Butterball® Butter products contain less than 0.5g per 14g serving.


Is Butterball® Butter a Gluten Free?

Butter is considered to be safe for individuals with Gluten sensitivity.


Can you customize a flavor or design for me?

Yes. We have hundreds of flavor profiles that have been created and tested and can modify any one of those or start from scratch. Our food scientists work with your chef to create the desired flavor impact and product performance. We can develop a design or flavor customized to your specifications, and we would love to discuss what we can do for you.


Are you affiliated with Butterball Turkey?

We are not at this time, and we do not have insight into the business of Butterball Turkey. However, we were affiliated with Butterball Turkey several decades ago. Leo Peters, founder of Butterball® Farms, invented Butterball Turkey and Butterball® Butter. When he sold the name and patents covering Butterball Turkey, he made sure to retain the rights to license back the Butterball name for use with premium butter. Leo was very active in the business until he passed away in 1995.

Mark Peters, Leo’s son, is now CEO of Butterball® Farms, Inc.