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Super Loaded Bacon Pepper Jack Fries

Burger ButtersHere in the #ButterLab, we are all about testing new products and inventing new ways of applying the old. We have several amazing butters that we’ve wanted to test, showcasing the diversity beyond the label. Last week, we took our Bacon Pepper Jack Burger Butters™ dollops from Creekside Creamery™, and created some of the best comfort food ever… This recipe was so simple and quick, and the beauty of it is that you can adjust it yourself to make it as involved or as easy as you want! 

We made our fries the “cheat way” (frozen potatoes, pre-cooked bacon, and shredded cheese), but you can use fresh everything, making it even more delicious. After all, a recipe is just a guideline, right? Feel free to use your imagination on this one: think baked potatoes, potato wedges, and even sweet potatoes. 

(PS… these fries were a total hit in the office, but just a warning, you’ll certainly want something cool to drink with it. The general consensus was, “Oh, these would be so good with an ice cold bottle of [insert your favorite beer here],” which reminds us to pull out this recipe again for the Super Bowl!)

Super Loaded Bacon Pepper Jack Fries
  • One bag of frozen french fries (we would recommend a 28 to 32 ounce bag)

Cook according to directions.

Remove from oven and top with:

  • 3 dollops Creekside Creamery™ Bacon Pepper Jack Butter (melted and distribute evenly)
  • 1 pound Applewood bacon bits
  • 2 cups pepper jack cheese
  • chopped green onion

Place back in oven until cheese is melted, approximately 3 minutes.

Serve with side of sour cream. Enjoy!