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Cannoli Cheesecake Pie

Beat the January Blues…

January: it’s widely believed, albeit by pseudoscience, to be the most depressing month of the year. We’re all pretty familiar with the concept of the January blues: with cold weather, dark days and empty pockets after the holiday season reminding us that the festivities of December are over. But there’s no reason that we can’t have some fun to kick off 2016 in style! You might not have the money to splash out on a fancy meal this weekend, but why not stay in and experiment with some exciting new recipes instead? It’s the perfect antidote to a dull month: and will even go towards helping you reach those new year resolutions of learning new skills! Plus, you’ll reap the delicious tasting rewards…

Our recipe of the week is Cannoli Cheesecake Pie. Relatively simple to prepare, this dessert tastes incredible and looks impressive too – embellished with pistachios and chocolate chips to give it a professional looking edge. You’ll be starring on MasterChef in no time with this in your repertoire!

Expert tip: the key to creating a perfect, buttery pie crust is keeping everything cold!

”Let’s stuff our gobs like we’re still on holiday!” – solid advice from the brunette baker Jenny Jack, who sharedthis wonderful recipe

Photo courtesy of The Brunette Baker