ButterBall Farms Inc.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Note

As a family company that has been in business for more than 60 years, we value the trust you place in us.  Our reputation and our success have been built on quality and customer service.  The well-being and safety of our employees and our communities remain a top priority.

In response to growing concerns regarding the Coronavirus, Butterball® Farms, Inc. is confident that we have the appropriate actions in place to ensure that every product that leaves our facility is the highest quality and is guaranteed safe for consumption.

Here are answers to some of the common questions that we’ve received.

  1. How will Butterball® Farms, Inc. assure team member safety and business continuity during the Coronavirus outbreak?

We have a nimble production schedule and a flexible workforce. Our teams and team leaders are trained across multiple lines. We are organizing people into smaller work groups, alternating start and break times to limit exposure between teams.  In case of widespread absence, we have a plan to aggregate the associates, stagger the schedule, and continue to produce an assured, uninterrupted supply to current customers.

For our office staff, we have cancelled all non-critical travel, and where possible, people are working from home utilizing technology to interact with co-workers and customers.  We also have set up alternating schedules for people who do need to report to the office and moved workspaces farther apart in order to effectuate social distancing.

  1. Whais Butterball® Farms, Inc. doing in the plant to reduce the spread of illness during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Butterball® Farms, Inc.’s manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan has sanitation procedures in place to maintain a hygienic production environment.  Diligent hand washing, utilization of gloves, paper gowns, captive uniforms, and footwear are integrated into our daily Good Manufacturing Practices.  In the office and common areas, disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer are available for the continuous cleaning of desks, door handles and other common touchpoints. In addition, we have asked our associates to stay home if they are not feeling well and are currently not accepting any visitors to our facilities.

  1. Does Butterball® Farms, Inc. anticipate any supply chain issues or delays due to the Coronavirus?

Most of Butterball Farm, Inc.’s raw materials are sourced domestically within the United States, and we do not anticipate any interruptions in our supply chain at this time.  For the small portion of raw material that is sourced internationally, we have received assurance from our suppliers that supply will not be interrupted.  We are in constant contact with both our domestic & international suppliers to receive the most up to date information.  We will reach out to any potentially affected customers immediately should any information change or as issues become identified.

If you have additional questions, then please contact Lucia Falek, VP of Quality Systems at 616-581-9379.