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How to Create a Custom Hot Sauce

The secret is always in the sauce — hot sauce that is! If you’ve ever thought about creating your own custom hot sauce to elevate your creations, there’s no time like the present to get started! The process is simple, but the flavor profile isn’t. 

At Butterball® Farms, we work with established businesses such as restaurants, food manufacturers, and more to create a unique hot sauce that is perfect for their customers.

Why Create a Custom Hot Sauce?

Hot sauces are a versatile product that add heat and flavor to nearly any dish, from appetizers to the main course, taking the flavor from ok to out of this world. Hot sauces can even be used in cocktails and enhance other sauces. Adding a custom hot sauce to your menu will create a bold flavor that demands attention and will have your guests raving about the delicious food.

Offer a Unique Draw

Offer something customers can’t find anywhere else! Because hot sauces can be created by a huge variety of ingredients, it is easy to create a flavor that is special and yours. For national and regional restaurant chains, a unique hot sauce that is consistent across locations is a great draw for your customers.! Make people want to come and visit because they heard your sauce is so good —and keep them coming back to you because it’s something they can’t get anywhere else. 

Reduce Prep Time

By having a custom hot sauce at the ready, you can reduce prep time so you can get dishes to guests faster and reduce the chaos in the kitchen. Whether you’re using our butter-based sauces to get the ball rolling or you’re using a custom hot sauce that’s ready to use, choosing Butterball Farms will make your team work more efficiently by letting them focus on satisfying your customers. When the tedious prep work is already done, your team can focus on the more time-sensitive items and ensure dishes are going out perfectly every time.

Our Process

Getting your own custom hot sauce is easy. The expert team at Butterball loves working with established businesses to create a unique hot sauce that takes their needs into account. Whether you have your own recipe or you’re looking to create something special, we will be working with you at every step acting as your partner.

From first contact to delivery, you can expect superior quality and communication throughout the entire process so you know what to expect and when. We will make sure the sauce is exactly the taste you want, and if you have your own recipe, you can rest assured that we will follow it to the letter.

Our Ingredients

With high-quality ingredients, you can rest assured knowing that the flavors you imagine will be the ones you taste, and with our highest available BRC-AA rating, you will know your brand is in good hands.


Who We Serve

From restaurants to retail establishments to food manufacturers, and more, we serve a variety of industries, providing them with products made from best-in-class ingredients and under the most rigorous food safety precautions. 


You want to be known for something spectacular and craveworthy — let it be your sauce! We work with restaurants all over the country providing sauces and mother-sauces that add flavor to every part of your menu, keeping guests coming back for more. 


Increase store traffic with a sauce that sells! Butterball Farms can help you get the custom hot sauce that will make your customers ask for it by name. Find efficiencies in cost and labor and with a product customers can’t get anywhere else. Your custom hot sauce can also be added to sandwiches or used on chicken in the deli or prepared meal section of your store.

Food Manufacturers

We work with other manufacturers to deliver premium products every day! Reach out to see how we can create a custom hot sauce that is ideal for your manufactured product.

Start Building a Custom Hot Sauce

Whether you want to start with a jalapeno base or something spicier on the Scoville scale, we are ready to bring the heat to your next dish. Let’s spice up your kitchen and start building a custom hot sauce that is unlike anything out there.  We can’t wait to get started on your recipe, so contact us to turn up the heat!