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Enhance Meal Kit Brand Identity with Custom Food Flavoring

When it comes to creating craveable flavors your customers will continue to order again and again, you need to work with a team that’s as passionate about your food as you are. As the leader in creating custom flavored food products for meal kit companies, Butterball® Farms understands the quality and innovation you’re searching for. 

We can offer butter, sauces, gravies, and more in pre-portioned, custom flavored dollops.  They can be individually wrapped and printed with logos, allergens, or ingredients. We design our products so they can easily integrate into your meal kit with minimal changes in the manufacturing process. We also offer tubs, cups, and bulk packaging options.

Importance of Brand Identity for Meal Kit Companies

The meal kit industry has seen tremendous growth over the last decade, and for good reason—customers are continuing to seek healthy, delicious, and affordable alternatives to eating out, choosing instead to prepare meals in their own home. 

With over 150 meal kit companies serving the U.S., capturing the attention of your potential customer is more important than ever. Creating a strong brand through innovative flavors is necessary in the competitive meal kit market. By prioritizing delicious flavors, you can:

  • Entice new eaters: Those who have never ordered from a meal kit service can be persuaded to purchase from your company as a result of the scrumptious description of your meals. Help them to imagine the delicious date night meal they can create with the help of intense flavors they simply can’t turn down. Bold flavors can even entice current subscribers of competing meal kit companies who are seeking to shake up their standard meal.
  • Increase repeat customers: People spend money on what they already know is great. Once your customers taste the custom sauces, butters, marinades, and fillings that make their mouths water, they will continue ordering from your company.

Private Label Products that Pop

Personalize your product at every step of the way with our private label services—it’s simple with the help of Butterball. Get single-serve sauces and butters with the nutritional information of the product, ready to place into your meal kits. Your customers’ taste buds will be impressed, and your team has one less task to take care of.

High-Quality Custom Food Solutions

We pride ourselves on setting a flavor standard that never wavers, as evidenced by our BRC-AA rating. We use the highest quality ingredients in all of our products—the freshest herbs and spices, richest creams, and sustainably sourced oils. The difference is in the details, and the Butterball difference is delicious.

Impress Palates with Our Favorite Flavors

The most important part of establishing your meal kit company as the cream of the crop is consistently delivering fresh, bold, innovative flavors that pair with all kinds of proteins, vegetables, and side dishes. Providing your customers with mouthwatering flavors is an absolute must. 

Luckily, making them has never been simpler with the help of Butterball. While we can create custom offerings that pair with your meals, we have many delicious tried-and-true combinations available for your meal kit company to consider. A few of our favorites include:


  • Blackened Cajun
  • Spicy soy ginger
  • Chile lime cilantro


  • Bacon pepper jack
  • Brown butter with sage
  • Garlic parmesan


  • Lemon dill
  • Citrus garlic
  • Apple herb

Craveable, Custom Food Flavoring for Your Customers

Flavor innovation ensures your customers are satisfied (and placing subsequent orders). Don’t settle for the same recipes you’ve been sending out for the last few years. With Butterball’s custom flavored products, it’s easy to make your meal kits stand out.

Flavored Butter

Butter is the backbone of all memorable meals. Our butter products range from individual shaped portions to sauces to spreads—you’ll find buttery goodness to accompany whatever you’re cooking up, whether it’s a pasta dish, protein, baked good, dessert, or even dairy-free dish. 

Our flavored butter dollops are a favorite amongst our meal kit customers, as they make adding flavor into a variety of dishes incredibly easy. You can order wholesale quantities of your favorite flavors to easily add to kits. While we have many popular flavors like garlic parmesan and lemon herb, there’s no limit to what we can whip up for your service. 

Marinades, Glazes, & Gravies

Your customers will feel their culinary skills come alive with the help of pre-portioned marinades, glazes, or gravies. Our custom flavored marinades can be added to any sort of protein or vegetable dish, working to tenderize and inject flavor so skillfully, your meal kit customer will hardly believe they cooked the dish in front of them!


No dish is complete without a sauce—they are vessels for all kinds of flavors and make it simple to create a delicious dish. Create a spicy, buttery blend to serve with pork, an herb-infused butter to top chicken, or a sweet maple butter sauce for a brunch box featuring muffins or croissants. Adding one of our custom flavored, pre-portioned, premium butter sauces to your meal kit is a surefire way to see repeat orders. 

Fillings & Toppings

Pre-portioned, flavorful fillings and toppings surprise and delight those dining on your dishes. A buttery, garlicky filling in a protein like fish or chicken creates flavorful moisture, and a tantalizing topping, like a blue cheese-infused butter, adds a depth of deliciousness your customers will come to associate with your company.  

Aiolis and Cream Cheese

You’ll find use for aiolis and cream cheese in every meal, from breakfast to lunch to dinner to dessert. The light, mayo-based texture of aioli makes it perfect for dipping and smearing—pair it with fries, burgers, wings, tacos, or even breakfast sandwiches. You can easily alter the flavor profile of any standard dish with the right aioli mix-ins, like citrus or Cajun spice. 

Cream cheese is another powerhouse in the field of flavor. This creamy, thick spread can benefit both sweet and savory dishes, depending on what flavors it carries. Consider adding a basil and garlic cream cheese medallion in your meal kit to add unbelievable richness to pasta, or a hazelnut cream cheese spread to use on French toast.

Benefits of Premade Custom Food Products

Working with Butterball to create premade custom flavored products adds immense value to your venture, as it:

  • Makes meal kit food production simpler: Adding in a premade, pre-packaged product, like a flavored butter dollop or a scrumptious sauce, allows your team to take one task off the roster. Butterball is here to add flavor while reducing your prep time, so you can focus on developing another must-try dish.
  • Allows for several iterations to perfect the taste: Our research and development team understands the top food trends that customers are craving, and provides impeccable flavors through a rigorous development process before your product is perfected. No need to guess if your customer will enjoy your new offering.
  • Ensures your customers are getting consistent, quality products: With Butterball’s wholesale services, you’ll get as much of your product as needed, and it’ll all taste the same, ensuring your repeat customers are getting their favorite flavors, every time.

Our Process

Providing exceptional customer service is as important to us as creating incredible flavors. You’ll find that ordering a custom flavored product from Butterball is a thorough, simple, and exciting endeavor.

  • Inquire with your ideas: To begin, send us a message to discuss the dishes you have in development.
  • Meet with our team to discuss flavor combinations: Our expert food scientists are incredible to work with—they’re creative, collaborative, and will ask all the right questions to understand exactly what sort of flavor balance you’re envisioning.
  • Utilize research & development: You’re taking the time to find phenomenal flavors—we know you want to make sure you’ve got it perfect. Our top-tier development team tweaks flavors until they’re as tempting as can be.
  • Receive a sample: Once your butter, sauce, filling, marinade, gravy, aioli or filling is finished, we will send you a sample to guarantee that the flavors are perfect for your purposes.
  • Place an order: You’ll have the chance to order as much of your product(s) as needed—we offer bulk quantities, so you’ll never run out of your custom product during a busy ordering rush. We will discuss logistics, like how long certain products can be refrigerated or frozen, before sending your finished product your way.
  • Impress your customer: When your customer receives their meal kit, complete with custom flavored food products we’ve created together, you can guarantee they’ll be ordering more in no time.

Make Your Meals Memorable with Butterball

Send us a message today to discuss how Butterball can help you deliver deliciousness to your customers through custom food flavorings.