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Private Label Margarine

Improve Your Flavors & Brand with Butterball

From start to finish, Butterball® Farms makes your private labeling experience seamless. Our private label margarine is always high quality, packed with flavor, and customized to fit your needs. Working with an industry expert like Butterball is beneficial to companies seeking to carry private label butter and margarine made with top ingredients and tested formulas. We’re proud to be a manufacturer of premium butter products for major brands in a wide array of industries.

How does it work? Private labeling can increase your profit margins. You’re in total control of every aspect of the process and can customize to meet your company’s unique demands. Whether your business is online or in retail, you can compete with others in your industry with added branding. Set the prices that make sense to you and control production and packaging for a completely personalized experience.

Butterball Farms has the capability to bring your concepts to life and to take your production the next level. From ideation through full-scale production, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Whipped Margarine


In our butter spreads and blends, you’ll find a popular favorite among our clientele. Though Butterball Farms does primarily carry butter products, we also carry a delicious whipped margarine and other butter alternatives. The whipping process uses aeration to create a fluffy consistency that is perfect for spreading on breads, desserts, meats, and more. Margarine utilizes a vegetable oil base offering a new flavor profile and texture that isn’t always achieved with typical butter.

If you decide to go with whipped margarine for private labeling, we’ll help you create a brand identity that fits other aspects of your business. From packaging and design to production, Butterball is your trusted resource.

Private Labeling by Butterball

Strengthen your brand awareness through private label butter products. This is a fantastic option for businesses in any industry. 

  • RetailersRetailers of all types will benefit from the additional branding that private labels offer. Instead of starting from scratch, you’re starting with a product that consumers are already searching for. Get the best margarine on the market under your belt with Butterball.
  • Consumer packaged goodsIf you run a store or shop or work as a manufacturer, having a brand is vital to proving yourself as a reputable source for quality goods. We’ll help you design and establish packaged margarine products that make sense for your business.
  • Foodservice distributorsBecome a name that restaurants and other food stores trust. Brand your butter and margarine products and allow customers to come back time and time again for the recognizable packaging.
  • RestaurantsEven a small family restaurant can up their game with branded products through private labeling. Keep butter or margarine containers on tables and watch as guests recognize your brand as quality. Butterball works hard to keep our products premium so you can reap the benefits.
  • Ecommerce: Sell Butterball’s delicious margarine on your ecommerce store.

Margarine vs. Butter: What’s the Difference?

Margarine and butter are seemingly interchangeable in many circumstances, but they come with many diversifying attributes at the same time. Butter is a product created from animal fats, while margarine is created using vegetable oil. 

  • Flavor: Margarine has a high water content, which can create a more moist texture. When used as spreads, they definitely have different consistencies that are up to personal preference. Because they’re made with different types of fats, the taste will also differ.
  • Use: When it comes to cooking and baking, following the recipe exactly will lead to the best quality. Swapping out one for the other can sometimes lead to undesirable changes in a dish’s texture and density. Margarine has a higher smoke point than butter, thus making it better in many cases for frying. On the flip side, this means butter might be the better option for baking.
  • Nutritional value: Deciding which option is more nutritious depends on your individual health goals. Saturated fats are associated with butter, while trans fats are associated with margarine. Both are perfectly healthy in moderation.
  • Lifespan: Unopened butter can be expected to last in the refrigerator up to two months. Unopened margarine typically lasts up to four months when refrigerated.

More Butter Products by Butterball

From tubs and dollops to sauces and spreads, our products are all available for private label for a variety of consumers. Our team is always willing to consult and help you decide which products will best achieve your goals. Contact us for guidance on your private labeling journey.

Plant-Based Butter

Margarine is a great plant-based butter alternative. We also carry other plant-based butter products for those looking to offer a healthier option for their customers.

Expand Your Brand with Butterball Farms

Your success is our success. Let Butterball Farms supply the premium, private label butter and margarine products you’ve been searching for. With us, you’re in control every step of the way. We’re just here to provide great quality products and ensure your success. Reach out to discuss your ideas and options and the Butterball team will confidently lead you.