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Umami with White Truffle Butter

With Epicurean’s White Truffle Butter, this recipe by the All in One Chef is just plain awesome. The exotic taste will haunt your taste buds and the aroma of our Truffle Butter will bring smiles to any gourmand!

“The flavor from Epicurean’s White Truffle Butter on the bun is what seals this awesome recipe.  What follows is a recipe that encases Terroir with the local fields and farms that I received the food from and Umami with the salty and smoky flavors from the sausage and rich meaty flavor from White Truffle Butter.”

Truffle butter


 Umami  is considered the 5th flavor profile after salty, sweet, sour and bitter.  The All In One Chef states that it is, essentially, in very simple terms, it is the actual flavor of food!  ‘The addition of salt pulls out that flavor.  It is the reason I love butter and salt on fresh local peas when they are in season.  The distinct flavor reminds me of my childhood.’ Click here for the full recipe and discover how our White Truffle Butter makes this Umami special…