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Enter the Fast-Growing World of Vegan Butter

The demand for vegan butter, which is already a $2.7 billion industry, is expected to double in the next 10 years. As concerns over climate change and health benefits encourage more people to turn to veganism, restaurants, retailers, and other businesses are working to diversify their options. Butterball® Farms is proud to offer a broad range of plant-based and vegan butter flavor solutions to our customers. Our vegan options are available in many of the same options for flavoring and packaging that apply to our dairy butter products.
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Vegan Butter Flavors

One of Butterball’s specialties is designing unique, craveworthy flavors that fit our customers’ needs. Whether it’s sauces, glazes, fillings, cream cheese, or any other high-quality flavor solutions, Butterball can create something special to match the flavor profile and application you are looking for. We love working with our customers to find the perfect solution that delivers on your brand promise while increasing efficiency and revenue.
We’ve been creating a range of delectable butter flavors for years, and each one of our unique flavors can also be applied to plant-based butter. Some of our most popular flavors include:
  • Apple herb
  • Asian BBQ
  • Blackened cajun
  • Brown butter with sage
  • Chile lime cilantro
  • Citrus garlic
  • Garlic herb
  • Lemon dill
  • Salted
  • Spicy soy ginger
  • Steakhouse

Great Foods for Vegan Butter

Because Butterball’s vegan butter can be flavored and customized to the customer’s liking, it can be paired with any number of different food options, such as pasta or vegetables. Our flavor options are also great for dessert. Some of our favorites include cinnamon, pumpkin and maple with brown sugar. If you can’t wait until dessert, our sweetest butter flavors can also do wonders with breakfast foods, such as pancakes or waffles.

Options for Buying Vegan Butter

Our vegan butter is available in many of the same packaging options as our standard butter including tubs and pre-portioned dollops. Our pre-portioned dollops can be shipped in bulk or individually wrapped with branding, allergens, and nutritional information. Meal kit companies love how simple it is to add vegan butter dollops to their kits, while retailers enjoy the convenience of selling vegetables alongside the perfect dollop of flavor. Even restaurants can make use of tubs of vegan butter in the back of the house. Reach out if you have questions about available packaging options.

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Best Vegan Butter for Cooking

Vegan butter made from olive oil is a popular ingredient in cooking, while other types of butter are particularly popular for baking. One convenient aspect of plant-based butter is that you won’t have to alter your recipe when using it, since you can use the same amount as you would with dairy butter. Vegan butter with high amounts of certain nut oils, such as almonds, can add extra flavor to cookies, rolls, or other baked goods. Meanwhile, plant-based butter with a high water content can change the results, such as making cookies chewier. If you want to add more flavor to your meal, you can also mix in other ingredients with your vegan butter, such as maple syrup or cinnamon. If you like the results, Butterball can design your own custom vegan butter based on your needs and application.

Plant-Based Butter Ingredients

Vegan butter is typically made out of a combination of plant-derived oils, such as palm oil or coconut oil. If you’re interested in vegan butter that features a specific kind of plant oil, such as avocado or olive oil, Butterball Farms can create a custom mixture just for you!
Yes! All butter is inherently gluten-free unless another item is mixed in, such as bread crumbs. Some kinds of plant-based butter do incorporate nut oils into their mixtures for a specific type of flavor, which can be an issue for people who have nut allergies. Butterball does not use nut oils in our standard plant-based butter, though it can be added in as requested.
While margarine is also made from vegetable oils, it often contains small amounts of dairy products. Our plant-based butter does not contain any substances derived from animals, making it 100% vegan.
Vegan butter can be a healthy alternative to standard dairy butter. While the vegetable oils that plant-based butter uses at its base mean it has a similarly high fat and cholesterol content as dairy butter, the nature of the fat content is different. Vegan butter is higher in monounsaturated fat and has less saturated fat content than dairy butter.

Explore Our Vegan Butter Flavors

If you’re ready to start creating the perfect flavor of vegan butter to go with your dish, Butterball Farms would love to work with you! Feel free to give us a call at (888) 828-8837, or send us a question to get started.
Vegan butter is just one of the many options Butterball Farms has available. We’ve been designing high-quality and innovative butter flavors for more than 60 years. We offer custom butter shapes, logo-embossed butter, aiolis, marinades, and more. Butterball frequently partners with restaurants, food manufacturers, retailers, distributors, caterers, hotels, and other businesses to craft the best product for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Plant-Based Butter Better for the Environment?

Research has shown that vegan diets reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20–30%. Since cows are a major emitter of methane, a significant greenhouse gas, plant-based diets can help reduce climate change.

Can Vegan Butter Pats Be Frozen?

Yes! While vegan butter is somewhat softer than dairy butter, it can still be stored in many of the same conditions. Butterball’s vegan butter options are shipped frozen to ensure freshness and help conserve refrigerator space.