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Food Flavor Suppliers: Why You Should Work With Them

If you’re a manufacturer, you know that working with the right food flavor supplier is essential to keeping your product moving out the door and getting onto people’s plates—whether that’s a frozen pack of veggies or a prepared meal with multiple sides and a show-stopping entree.

These are just a few reasons why working with a food flavor supplier is essential for manufacturers.

Why Should a Manufacturer Partner with a Food Flavor Supplier?

Food flavor suppliers make excellent partners for food manufacturers. A good flavor supplier can help a manufacturer grow its business in multiple ways. Think of them as an extension of your sales teams, as they allow you to improve your outreach by offering unique solutions to your customers.  

Here are some additional reasons why partnering with a food flavor supplier like us can help you as a food manufacturer.

Food Flavor Suppliers Help Speed Up Processes

A good food flavor supply partner can help make your internal manufacturing processes faster than they would be if your teams had to create flavored butters and sauces from scratch. In our case, we do this by offering and developing pre-portioned solutions that can easily fit into your processes. 

Food Flavor Suppliers Offer Personalized Attention

When you’re working with the right custom food supplier, they will be committed to exceeding your expectations from the second you express interest in co-manufacturing or developing products with them. Through every step of the process—from creating or choosing your flavors to placing your order to delivery—they will anticipate your needs and make sure every service they offer you is first-class. 

Ideally, they’ll also stay with you through every step of the process and make sure you and your customers are completely satisfied. Potentially, this also includes acting as a production resource for ingredients like butter and silky-smooth sauce bases, as a product development house, or both.

Who Works with Different Food Flavor Suppliers?

Some suppliers work within specific industries, while others like us can adapt to the needs of multiple different industries and have years of experience to prove it. It’s essential to work with a food flavor supplier that has experience with your industry. This better guarantees that they’ll be familiar with the nuances of your business and any industry-specific challenges your organization may face.

Here are some common examples of suppliers and vendors you might work with as a manufacturer.

Food Manufacturers

Manufacturers work with wholesale food suppliers like us to provide retail stores with pre-packed foods or ingredients they can include in pre-packaged meals. We make the process as simple as adding custom flavored butter dollops into the packaged products. From there, the manufacturer can ship them off to grocery chains nationwide. 

Butterball Meal Kits
Flavored butter dollops can enhance any pre-packaged dinners

Working with our pre-portioned flavored butters allows them to not only incorporate new flavors with minimal changes to their processes, but also allows them to speed up new product development. 

Butterball Farms is experienced in working with retail distributors and manufacturers to provide premium butter options for supermarket customers and manufacturers. Whether your customers are national or regional retail chains or high-end specialty grocery stores, our experts can help you reach those public-facing customers.

Grocery Chains

Grocery store chains frequently work with custom food flavor suppliers as a direct resource for custom butters, sauces, and other solutions for their ready-to-serve meals or as part of their deli or fresh department offerings. 

Custom butter is perfect in grocery store deli foods

Butterball Farms is proud to work alongside grocery stores to provide custom butter flavors and pre-portioned butter dollops. In addition to providing opportunities for frozen, heat-and-eat, and refrigerated meal packs, this also allows them to supply butter in clamshell packaging and merchandise near fresh meat or produce so their customers can make their own gourmet experience at home.

Food Suppliers for Restaurants

No matter which type of restaurant you serve, they all want to differentiate their offerings. They also want to offer menus that are innovative, delicious, and craveable. 

Restaurants can save time with pre-made compound butters

By working with a custom food flavor supplier to provide compound butter and finishing flavors, manufacturers allow restaurants to add unique flavors to their menus while reducing back-of-house labor. Even more, it allows chains to keep their menu items consistent across multiple locations. In turn, this keeps their customers coming back for more of those flavors they can’t find anywhere else.

Boost Your Business with a Food Supplier

Ready to work with a supplier that can work with every type of business you want to reach? Connect with us about co-manufacturing today and we’ll get the process started!