It’s As Good As Gravy With Customizable Flavors

Versatile. Savory. Butterball® Farms innovates new ways to offer gravy. When a client asked Butterball® Farms’ R&D Team for a gravy solution, the company known for flavored and shaped butter solutions went to work. The result was an innovation breakthrough that is now solving the gravy challenge many food processers and meal kit assemblers face. […]

These Quick Tips Will Make Special Events the Best

Guest counts for everything from Easter and Mother’s Day dinners to weddings and corporate events will soar this year after two years of pandemic pivots. Are you ready for some fresh ideas to ramp up what could be a record year? Here are five smart tips that will wow guests with your on-trend offerings. Tip […]

Honey + Butter? A Winner PC Is Ready To Roll.

Just the term “buttered” turns heads on a menu. Datassential says that “buttered” as a term on U.S. menus is up 12.4% just since 2017. Now, add the words “honey butter” to a menu and the number skyrockets to 39%! We are talking a cravable delight for operators and their patrons, and Butterball® Farms has […]

Cut Down on Food Waste and Save BIG with Individual Butter Portions

Each year, U.S. restaurants waste an estimated 22 to 33 billion pounds of food, according to a report by the environmental advocacy group National Resources and Defense Council. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) reports that by 2030, wasted food will account for approximately $1.5 trillion in lost revenue.  Aside from optimizing your food costs, reducing […]

What’s Next For Adding Upscale Flavor In 2021?

Custom Butters Are A Key Ingredient Sales of refrigerated and frozen products skyrocketed during the pandemic as consumers sought easy ways to serve up restaurant-quality meals. Maintaining sales growth in a post-pandemic environment will hinge on cravable flavor. That’s where Butterball® Farms’ custom flavored butters, sauces and dollops can add significant value. Lucia Falek leads […]

How Guests Will Know That You’ve Thought of Everything This Year

Booking dates and venues for 2021 are filling up as vaccinations continue and the pandemic subsides. To make events memorable (even Instagrammable), your ability to easily make guests feel that you’ve thought of everything can help multiply your business. We have an idea… delicious & creamy, shaped butters! As consumers have missed in-person dining and […]

Unlocking The Secrets To Selling More Shellfish

Convenience & Flavor Are Key Yearlong They say that months that end in “r” are the best for shellfish, but convenience and flavor are never out of season for consumers. That’s why prepared meals and meal kits at retailers are driving increased sales of shellfish. Retailer Fresh Shrimp Meal w/ Scampi Butter & Fettucine Combining […]

Easy Flavor Drives the Crave in Seafood’s Growth

A quick way to increase your  shopper’s market basket COVID created a fresh opportunity for retailers and processors to boost sales of fresh seafood to their customers. Evidence came as a 51% increase in frozen seafood sales through May 31, 2020 but only a 26% increase in fresh. Overall, the average American shopper consumes 112 […]

Ingredients for Many Applications

Butterball® Farms is the largest manufacturer of specialty butter products in the U.S. We are known for our extensive expertise in developing/producing specialized flavored butter, blends, butter sauces, glazes, gravies, sauces and spreads to the customer’s desired application and results. We can create ingredients for many applications such as Ready to Cook and Pre-Cooked Packaged […]

Chef Created. World Inspired. ™

The Butterball ® Farms Ingredients Group formulates butter flavors that are uniquely qualified to help you create delicious foods that consumers crave, and competitors cannot match. We can customize the perfect flavor profile for proteins, vegetables, and starches. How do we do this? Flavor Innovation Butter is a little bit magical. It has the potential […]