Best Restaurant Uses for Finishing Butter

Finishing butter has the power to transform a restaurant’s menu items. The rich, savory taste added to meat dishes, vegetables, and baked goods enhances nearly any recipe. Also called compound butter, finishing butter is created by quickly whisking butter, then coating the butter onto the food with a basting tool or spoon. Restaurants and other […]

How Custom Sauces Can Improve Food Preparation

At Butterball® Farms, we love nothing more than creating delectable products that bring out the best in our customers’ creations. One of our favorite ways to do this is through our custom sauces. Why Create a Custom Sauce? Are you looking for a creamy butter sauce that you can drizzle over seafood or a gourmet […]

Here’s How This Year Can Be Your Best Year in Catering

The catering business in the U.S. is a $10.8B* industry. Yet, projections are calling for a -2.6%* downturn compared to last year. Smart marketing, labor-saving shortcuts, and 4 simple tips can make it your best year ever. Ready to know more? 1. Improve Your Margins Per Event There are two basic costs that affect your […]

Flavored Whipped Margarine from Butterball®


Are you looking for a premium butter alternative that will meet the needs of your health-conscious customers? How about a time-saving ingredient for back-of-house restaurant cooking or bread service?  We combine a margarine base with flavorful oils, then whip it up to create a light and fluffy choice for your clients. Just like our butter, […]

Benefits of Ready-to-Use Sauces

Restaurants and food industry establishments across the country know that they can rely on Butterball® Farms for excellent ready-made sauces. Our delicious, premium sauces are customized to meet your unique needs. Whether for a delectable pound cake, cheese sauce for breadsticks, or a lemony sauce for seafood pasta, we can create something that will satisfy […]

Why Use Compound Butter in Restaurants?

At Butterball® Farms, we love to help restaurants make truly delectable dishes by creating unique and delicious kinds of flavored butter. When you add compound butter to your menu items, your customers will want to keep coming back to try that flavor only your restaurant has. Plus, your back-of-house staff will appreciate the time they […]

3 Ways To Boost Your Wedding Business

Attention to detail is the first way to differentiate yourclub from others. According to The Wedding Report, 2022 marked the most weddings in the U.S. since 1984 at 2.5 million. Pent up demand from COVID saw couples catching up on postponed weddings. For 2023, a sweet 2.24 million wedding occasions are projected, at an average […]

It’s As Good As Gravy With Customizable Flavors

Versatile. Savory. Butterball® Farms innovates new ways to offer gravy. When a client asked Butterball® Farms’ R&D Team for a gravy solution, the company known for flavored and shaped butter solutions went to work. The result was an innovation breakthrough that is now solving the gravy challenge many food processers and meal kit assemblers face. […]

These Quick Tips Will Make Special Events the Best

Guest counts for everything from Easter and Mother’s Day dinners to weddings and corporate events will soar this year after two years of pandemic pivots. Are you ready for some fresh ideas to ramp up what could be a record year? Here are five smart tips that will wow guests with your on-trend offerings. Tip […]

Honey + Butter? A Winner PC Is Ready To Roll.

Just the term “buttered” turns heads on a menu. Datassential says that “buttered” as a term on U.S. menus is up 12.4% just since 2017. Now, add the words “honey butter” to a menu and the number skyrockets to 39%! We are talking a cravable delight for operators and their patrons, and Butterball® Farms has […]