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It’s As Good As Gravy With Customizable Flavors

Versatile. Savory. Butterball® Farms innovates new ways to offer gravy.

When a client asked Butterball® Farms’ R&D Team for a gravy solution, the company known for flavored and shaped butter solutions went to work. The result was an innovation breakthrough that is now solving the gravy challenge many food processers and meal kit assemblers face.

Gravy is a comfort food that consumers can’t resist, but if you are a food processor of frozen or refrigerated meals, it can be a headache, especially if your specialty is proteins.

Sausage Gravy Is +50% Among Breakfast Starches At Restaurants Since 2018.

Datassential Dec. 2022

“There are scores of gravy types, and each offers a challenge of authentic ingredients and the perfect melting temperature that quickly covers an intended protein, vegetable or bakery item aligned with the intended heating time of the product,” say Butterball Farms Vice-President of Development and Quality Systems, Lucia Falek.

Falek’s team cracked the gravy code by leveraging existing core competencies in flavored butter dollops and tubs. From red, brown, and turkey gravies, Butterball Farms now offers customized gravy solutions for a variety of prepared meal and frozen CPG manufacturers. The gravy dollops can be provided in bulk or individually wrapped with printing on each wrap showcasing branding, ingredients or allergen statements. Gravy flavor profiles can include other qualities, such as hints of herbs or smoky flavor. Furthermore, our R&D team will work with you to customize a gravy dollop with a flavor profile unique to your operation!

Butterball Farms new Country Sausage Gravy includes pieces of real country sausage.

The most recent innovation in gravies is the inclusion of particulates in country gravy using pieces of sausage. Pre-portioned dollops melt perfect atop biscuits or can be inserted in biscuits for grab and go sandwich solutions for packaged goods or retail customers.

The gravies can also be provided in portion control cups or tubs to assure quick convenience for consumers as part of a prepared breakfast meal solution at retail or as a kit for airlines, rail, or for lodging applications. The cups or tubs enable speed of service with limited kitchen capabilities, provides consistency, and eliminates the need for cleaning.

The ability to offer small chunks of sausage within a country gravy is the essence of authenticity and the latest innovation opens the door to other applications beyond gravy such as pieces of bacon in a butter dollop or sundried tomato in a sauce. 

“We love the challenges our clients bring to us, because they broaden our expertise into new applications of our dollop technology, like gravies,” Falek concludes. “We’re ready and responsive to your needs.”

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