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How Individual Butter Servings Enhance Events and Banquets

When it comes to creating beautiful and memorable events, attention to detail can make all the difference. A key part of ensuring that you impress your guests and make a great first impression is serving beautiful individual butter servings on the table.

Single servings of butter can be flavored and shaped to pair elegantly and deliciously with the food at your event.

Why Use Individual Butter Portions

They Elevate Your Table Presentation

Providing individual butter servings that are beautiful in shape can greatly improve the presentation of your event and provide a sense of elegance and taste. Guests love when their food is both delicious and visually appealing. Adding beautifully shaped, single servings of butter on your tabletop can be the great first impression that elevates the dining experience and has your guests reaching for their phones to post their meals on Instagram.

Known for our portion-controlled, single-serve butter shapes and designs, Butterball® Farms has a variety of shaped butter products available at your local distributor. We provide plenty of options to shape your salted butter to match each dish. Whether you’re looking for simple elegance like our Butter Medallions, beautiful designs like our Pop-Out® Butter Roses, or classic shapes like our Butterball® Butter Premium Balls, we have what you’re looking for.

They’re Easy to Store and Serve

All of our products can be stored in a freezer and then removed and placed on a plate to serve within minutes. It makes life much easier for your staff since they don’t have to worry about finding other places to store their butter.

We also offer individual butter servings in resealable, gusseted bags with zipper-style closures and packaging with individual compartments that are ideal for protecting shaped butter. The packaging makes it easy for your staff to quickly pop the butter out onto a plate.

Make Quality Part of Every Event with Individual Butter Portions in Bulk

Butterball Farms offers single-serving butter in bulk that can be used at events and banquets, as well as for catering, packaged meals, to-go orders, and more. If you’re looking for crave-worthy, wholesale butter pats that you can easily add to your events, find a local distributor near you. 

Looking for a Pre-Portioned Custom Flavored Butter?

We also offer custom-flavored, pre-portioned butter dollops, medallions, or rolls. Some of our most popular flavors include Garlic Herb, Lemon Herb, and Pesto Basil. Reach out to our team today to discuss creating a custom-flavored butter. We can mix any ingredients you choose to create a unique and delicious flavor that your guests can’t find anywhere else.

Make Every Meal Memorable with Individual Butter Servings

Ready to add delicious and appealing individual butter servings to your events? Find a local distributor near you today or contact us for more information.