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How Custom Shaped Butter Improves the Dining Experience

Creating a good restaurant experience is more than just a reflection that your business is doing well. It also helps you get more rave reviews online, secures repeat customers, and incites tons of word-of-mouth recommendations. That is why it is so important to not just invest in the quality of your food, but in your presentation of it as well.

One excellent way to enhance the presentation of your food is to provide custom shaped butter. This gives you the opportunity to show your diners how committed you are to every detail of their dining experience, and it presents you with the chance to set your establishment apart from the rest. Butterball® Farms can help you create the perfect butter shape to suit your business and please your diners.

3 Ways to Use Shaped Butter in Restaurants

1. Have Some Fun with Decorative Butter Shapes

Every detail of your table tells your diners what to expect out of their dining experience down to the littlest detail. If you use tablecloths and gold-accented cutlery, they know to expect a high-end experience. If you present them with a pared-down tabletop and colorful tableware, they know to expect something more fun and casual. 

That is precisely what you can do with your butter shapes. By selecting a fun and playful butter shape, you can indicate to your guests an atmosphere of enjoyment and celebration.

  • Flower-shaped butter: Flower-shaped butter such as Butterball Farm’s Pop-Out® Roses bring a delicate and elegant touch to your diner’s meal, perfect for celebrations like Mother’s Day brunches and wedding receptions.
  • Shell shapes: Shell-shaped butter like Butterball Farm’s Pop-Out® Shells are perfect for a seaside restaurant or beach-themed establishment looking to add that extra memorable addition to their dining experience. 
  • Custom shape: Whatever tabletop experience you want to bring to your restaurant and foodservice, we can create it at Butterball Farms. 

2. Make an Impression with Fancy Butter Shapes

Indulgent dining shouldn’t skimp on any element, especially when it comes to butter. Whether you are going for a more contemporary aesthetic or something classic and timeless, the right butter shape can accentuate your ambiance. In fact, fancy butter shapes can elevate a diner’s impression of your restaurant and create an unforgettable fine-dining experience.

  • Medallions: Keep things modern, simple and elegant with Butterball Farm’s Pop-Out® Medallions. This timeless shape is suited for all dining experiences any time of year.
  • Butter domes: Go for an understated yet sophisticated look with our butter domes.  
  • Butter ballsButterball® Butter Premium Balls® make a great first impression, providing a casual elegance that your diners will appreciate.
  • Custom logo butter: Butterball Farms can recreate your logo in creamy, rich butter, so your diners remember your business well after they’ve finished their last bite.
  • Custom shape: If you have a particular shape in mind, we can create it. Regardless of what you’re looking for, Butterball Farms can customize it just for you.

3. Elevate Your Brand with Custom Logo Butter

Bring your brand to life with a custom logo butter. We’ve done custom butters for big-name brands in the hospitality and restaurant industries. Get completely customized butter for all of your brand’s needs.

Working on a campaign with its own imagery for your brand? Combining your logo with another company’s for a joint venture? Whatever shape you need, Butterball has it covered. Whether you’re celebrating the retirement of a loyal employee or marking the creation of a new department, branded butter can add the perfect touch to your event.

Enhance the Dining Experience

Enhancing the dining experience doesn’t take a great overhaul of your current presentation. Instead, you can add something simple yet powerful like custom shaped butter. Custom shaped butter brings something extra to the dining experience by creating a vibrant presentation for a humble ingredient. Make your customers’ dining experience:

  • Memorable: You want to create a lasting experience for your guests, and this is done through fine attention to detail. That is why custom shaped butter can complete a delicious meal.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Aesthetics also play a significant role in how we perceive a meal. In fact, a case study even found that food with an appealing appearance stimulates the brain in ways that unappealing food does not.
  • Flavorful: You are not limited to the standard butter flavor if you’d like to make an impression on your diners. In fact, Butterball Farms can create shaped butter in custom flavors to create a unique experience sure to make an impression on any diner. Explore delicious butters like our Pop-Out® Honey with Cinnamon Sugar Butter Hive, or create your own.
  • Unique: Guests are often looking for something that is unlike anything else they have ever experienced. You can meet this desire with plenty of ease by providing a one-of-a-kind butter shape.
  • Delicious: When something that looks great is matched with incredible flavor, that is when one-time diners become regulars. Providing beautiful, tasty butter shapes can make the difference to a guest in returning to your restaurant or trying something different. Butterball Farms only uses premium, quality butter, guaranteeing your products will be fresh and have a smooth, creamy texture. 

Make Your Meal Memorable with Custom Butter Shapes

Making a memorable meal starts with the littlest details. To see your dining experience elevated to its highest potential, contact Butterball Farms today to learn more about our custom butter shapes.