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Will “Butter Boards” Be The Next Big Thing? Give Them a Try.

You can thank TikTok and some creative genius with one of the latest innovations involving butter.

TikTok influencer Justine Doiron’s post quickly went viral when she spread butter across a wooden board, then topped the butter with spices and veggies for a communal place to celebrate bread with friends. Could Justine’s idea be embraced by restaurants as a twist on familiar charcuterie boards?

Charcuterie boards continue to be a customer favorite as a sharable appetizer. It encourages wine and beer sales of patrons growing thirsty as they nibble on cured meats, cheeses, and fermented vegetables. Butter boards could achieve the same results and be even more profitable. Imagine your new butter board as your new attraction for your breakfast or brunch. Simply add toppings like crumbles of cream cheese or honeycombs served with liberal amounts of mimosas and rich coffee, and you are there.

Another essential addition to your butter board is a variety of bite size bread options to complement the flavored butter. Below is a list of the top trending breads from Datassentials in 2022. For example, pair our Honey Butter Hive on a rich brioche bun, topped with bacon crumbs…Yum!

Datassential’s list of trending breads, offers ideas for your butter board.

Butterball® Farms built its reputation on shaped and flavored butters that can make butter boards even easier. Imagine using Butter Balls or Butter Medallions as a focal point of the board or stacked in the middle or in the corners. Or try using new Honey Butter Hives made with cinnamon and honey to satisfy sweet tooths.   

Beautiful shaped and flavored butters will enhance and add variety to any charcuterie or butter board.
Beautiful shaped and flavored butters will enhance and add variety to any charcuterie or butter board.

Placing flavored dollops on the board could add additional flavor and interest. Try our Garlic Herb Butter Dollops to add garlicky goodness and fresh herbs to your board. Given labor shortages in the kitchen, leveraging Butterball Farms’ prepared shapes and flavored butters would save time while delivering a memorable dining experience for guests. Available at your local distributor or contact us for more information.

What’s the future of butter boards? The story has just begun. If you are interested in exploring your own butter board using Butterball Farms shape and flavored butters, request your free sample today.