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3 Easy Steps for Planning Your Holiday Menus

We’re headed into the home stretch of menu planning for holiday parties, dinners, and catering. Butterball® Farms has been helping make holiday meals memorable for decades at America’s top fine dining restaurants. Here are some tips for making your holiday menus a success. 1. Brown Butters Are Trend Worthy and Can Be Used in Multiple […]

Weddings Are Back in A BIG Way. Here’s How to Get Your Share In Catering.


Attention to detail is the first way to differentiate your wedding catering events. According to The Wedding Report, 2022 marked the most weddings in the U.S. since 1984 at 2.5 million. Pent up demand from COVID saw couples catching up on postponed weddings. For 2023, a sweet 2.24 million wedding occasions are projected, at an […]

5 Insights for Making Great Memories for Your Guests


2022 was a banner year for those in the club and resort business. More special events and weddings with larger guest lists has everyone looking ahead to another great year as spring and summer event calendars fill up. Getting ready for the rush means a quick brush up on trends, unique ideas, and ways to […]

Will “Butter Boards” Be The Next Big Thing? Give Them a Try.

You can thank TikTok and some creative genius with one of the latest innovations involving butter. TikTok influencer Justine Doiron’s post quickly went viral when she spread butter across a wooden board, then topped the butter with spices and veggies for a communal place to celebrate bread with friends. Could Justine’s idea be embraced by restaurants as a twist […]

Brown Butter. This Old Chef’s Trick Is Now on Trend.

The Flavor Experience is an annual gathering of top chain menu developers. This year, the event drew more than 200 restaurant executives who determine what will be on the menu of some household names in the world of restaurant chains. As flavor experts shared insights on what is trending for the coming year, an old […]

Save Time & Labor With These Flavor Ideas For Your Baked Goods

Trend worthy flavors for the holiday season are made even better with time and labor-saving ideas you can use. Irresistible Flavor Combinations Thinking outside the box helps you stand out from the crowd. Think more layered flavors and mash ups for success such as a banana cake with salted caramel frosting dipped in potato chips, […]

5 Catering Menu Ideas to Set You Apart this Summer

Get ready for your best season ever with these fresh menu ideas. Summertime catering events draw a fresh batch of challenges. Tweaking your menu to accommodate the weather with today’s challenges of labor and inflation calls for fresh thinking about your menu. Here are 5 quick menu ideas to set you apart from the rest. […]

It All Comes Down To Your Tabletop Experience. 3 Ways To Win Over Guests

In today’s environment, the customer experience is the most important table stakes. First a pandemic, then labor shortages and supply chain problems. Yet, the latest business-buster for full-service restaurants is beyond a takeout, simpler menu or run to Costco solution. It’s inflation. Inflated prices from your suppliers challenges your own value proposition. More importantly, everyday […]

‘Ambiance’ is Key Decision Factor for Choosing Dine-In and Special Events.

How the Butter You Serve Plays a Role In Your Success  Insights into customer thinking after the pandemic is important as they return to dine-in meals or participate in special events. Recent research conducted by Black Box Intelligence shows that “ambiance” is crucial in determining customers’ experience and creating an atmosphere that will keep customers […]

Here’s Why Flavored Butters Are Trending Like Never Before

The smallest details in your dine-in experience helps build your brand loyalty, and profits. The dichotomy between indulgence and healthy has never been as obvious as now. With customers expecting both on the menu one of the surprising finds for a new Technomic report is that real dairy products are up 93% on menu items […]